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Take care of your hair during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the hair changes. Most of us are lucky enough to have denser, less oily, easier to comb, more beautiful hair, in short: radiant with life. Unfortunately, it is sometimes the opposite for some unlucky ones who experience a loss of volume, health and shine. How to pamper them as they should be? Madam President tells you everything.

Hair care to adopt

That your hair is sublimated or worn out, the different changes that occur during the pregnancy require a change in your care routine.

And just because they look healthier doesn't mean you have to forget to take care of them! Choose your treatments according to the nature of your hair (see our article choose your shampoo). Of shea for dry hair, soft masks to calm the sebaceous glands oily hair that produces excess sebum. Also choose gentle care if you have normal hair.

Opt for a the most natural mild shampoo possible, to do every other day to enhance the shine of the hair. Then apply a detangling conditioner, this will make styling easier. Then, Once a week, make a hydrating mask. And don't forget to Rinse your hair well, finishing with cold water for maximum shine.

Do not hesitate to make you cut the hair if you feel like it, it will allow them to to strengthen and regain volume, then favor drying in the open air. And then, a new haircut is always good for morale!

Attention to deficiencies

Hair is a good indicator of general health. Often when we have deficiencies, stress or fatigue, we quickly observe hair that becomes flagada or that falls in mass. During pregnancy, these effects are less visible, but that does not mean that everything is perfect.

A color?

Of course, you know that pregnancy and color do not mix! Whatever happens, it is better to avoid applying any chemical product when you are pregnant (and even when you are not!). So we go organic or homemade cosmetics!

If you want to color and after discussion with your gynecologist, he sees no objections, it is better to entrust your head to a hairdresser, telling him that you are pregnant. So he can perform the assays in function and use vegetable colors, which are less aggressive. Be careful though, because during pregnancy, the hair can react in a strange way, with sometimes surprising color results (and not in a good way)

In all cases, avoid multiplying the treatments, because they weaken the hair fiber, and you may end up with damaged hair after childbirth. Above all, be sure to take care of colored hair.

After pregnancy

We don't think much about it, but it may be wise to anticipate during pregnancy almost inevitable postpartum hair loss! Yep, when pregnancy hormone levels drop, their benefits drop with them.

Don't panic, it's normal and very common. Things usually return to normal after a few weeks, sometimes a few months if you are breastfeeding.

That said, to limit breakage upstream, make regular hair scrubs : the more your scalp is stimulated, the more it constitutes a fertile ground for your hair, which will not want to make the trunk.

Once the baby is in the arms and breastfeeding is finished, take a 3-month Resolution N ° 1 to help them pass the course of hormonal upheaval! Your hair, skin and nails will thank you 🙂

It's your turn ! ?


11 thoughts on "Prendre soin de ses cheveux pendant la grossesse"

  1. Sarah CORDEMY says:

    Hello, I would like to know if I have the right to take resolution number 1 during my pregnancy?

    1. Madame La Présidente says:

      Hello Sarah,
      I advise you to seek the advice of your doctor before starting the treatment 😉
      I also invite you to go and discover MAMA, our gummies specially designed for pregnant and breastfeeding women who want to take care of their hair;

  2. DESERT says:

    Hello, can we take the supplements madam president during her pregnancy or it is not recommended?

    1. Madame La Présidente says:

      You can take Hair Boost!
      We advise you to seek the advice of your doctor if in doubt?

  3. Valerie says:


    I will soon be 6 months old and I lose a lot my hair it is also very dry and damaged and impossible to brush it hangs it's worse than straw

    Do you have a solution

    Thank you in advance, truthfully yours

    1. Madame La Présidente says:

      Hello Valerie,

      Do not hesitate to go to our last article on the blog:

      Beautiful day!
      The team Madam President

  4. Adeline says:


    So breastfeeding and a 3-month cure are incompatible?

    1. Madame La Présidente says:

      Hello Adeline,
      We advise you to seek the advice of your doctor before starting a cure! You will find the INCI list of Resolution N ° 1 in the e-shop, do not hesitate to show it 😉

  5. Léonie says:

    Barely three months pregnant, I noticed that my hair is falling. When I washed my hair I had my hands full of it. I was scared so I consulted my gynecologist. He reassured me that it was normal but he advised me to eat a lot of fruit for vitamin supplements.

    1. Madame La Présidente says:

      Hello Léonie,
      The hormonal change of pregnancy can actually cause hair loss.
      Nothing alarming! A very balanced diet and scalp massages with castor oil are sometimes enough to reduce the problem 😉

      1. Léonie says:

        I've used castor oil before but didn't know it might do the trick. Thank you.

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