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Buy ... and get rewarded!

With each order on our eshop, you accumulate points!

20 € spent = 1 € valid on your next order

Your points are automatically accumulated during your purchases and are valid for any order of more than 15 €, for 9 months from their date of acquisition. You can consult the balance of your points at any time in your account area. 

Your opinion is valuable

Leave us a comment under the ordered product,

€ 2 in voucher.

Only condition: to have bought the product and to have arrived at the end of its cure!

1 comment per product 😉

Photo de groupe - Madame La Présidente, complément capillaire

Sponsor your friend (s)

We must share the good plans!

For your godchild,

5 € offered on his first order!

For the Godfather,

5 € offered for each sponsorship to be used on your next order!

To make him benefit from your sponsorship, give him the link "sponsorship" which is on your customer account.

The number of referrals is limited to 10 people.