Our values and commitments

Madame President is a contemporary woman with little time left to take care of herself.
This is why we have developed complete and targeted formulas in order to benefit from all the benefits of active ingredients and nutrients.

INCLUSIVE BEAUTY: ALL women are beautiful and should feel represented. Our products have been designed to suit all hair types. Short, long, curly, frizzy, colored, straight or curly, whatever your hair type, our products will quickly become your beauty essentials!

FAST : 1 tablet or 2 gummies a day, where and when you want!

EFFECTIVE: a concentrate of nutrients that restore beauty, health, density and length to your hair!

Madame la presidente program ambassador

EXPERT / RELIABLE / RICH / COMPLETE FORMULATION: All our formulations have been developed in collaboration with a large French laboratory specializing in nutri-cosmetics. After several years of tests and discussions with professionals from the scientific body (Dietitian, Nutritionist, Doctors of Pharmacy, Experts in hair biology), we have declined our range in order to offer the best nutrients at different periods of life. Thus, we offer a range for women, children and men.

Resolution N ° 1 and Hair Boost to sublimate all women and teenagers from 15 years old

Mama, to support pregnant and / or breastfeeding women during this beautiful period.

Magic Hair for the happiness of our toddlers (from 4 years old)

Mr., for men, to help them take care of their hair and beard

COMMITMENT: Because Madame la Présidente is a Declaration of Love to all women and it is impossible for us to ignore that at the time of writing this note, thousands of them are being denied their rights, their integrity trampled, and gender inequality more present than ever, we commit ourselves alongside the Women's Foundation.
Each year, 1% of our profits will be donated to them, and we will campaign with them, tirelessly.
To learn more about the Women's Foundation, visit their website.

MADE IN FRANCE: Our food supplements and cosmetics are thought out and designed in France. We choose our partners carefully, following strict specifications. Our objective ? Control our production chain and provide quality products, in complete transparency.