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Shea butter: a care with multiple virtues

Shea butter has long been the only cosmetic product of African women. From Mali to Burkina Faso, countless ethnic groups consider shea as the most valuable ointment. It is mainly used to fight against dehydration.  

Shea butter is a must for natural beauty.  It is enough to list its benefits and one understands:  Moisturizing, protective, regenerating for skin and hair, it prevents skin dryness, protects from the sun, heals small skin problems, reduces stretch marks ... And it's not over! Shea butter is also known to be rich in vitamins A, D, E, F and latex.

Thanks to the vitamin A that it contains, it protects brittle hair. The scalp is softened and dandruff, if it's a hair problem you're having, is eliminated. The Shea Butter also takes care of dull and damaged hair, especially because of heating devices, wind or sun.

Use on the skin

Shea butter provides the elasticity and suppleness that the epidermis tends to lose over the years. Thanks to the vitamin F and to the fatty acids contained in this natural butter, the wrinkles can be attenuated and the cellular renewal favored.

Note also that shea butter contains a small amount of latex so for those who are allergic, avoid contact with the skin.

Shea butter is not suitable for everyone

Shea butter is a very rich nourishing agent, it is not necessarily suitable for all types of hair including thin hairbecause it tends to weigh them down and stifle them. Before embarking on a "shea routine", we advise you to test how your hair reacts to the product. You can do a test with a very small amount by applying it on a part of your hair to see the result it gives.

Use it after shampoo

Use it as a conditioner on curly and frizzy hair, it will feed the curls and fight frizz. It will also help you maintain the color of your hair. Besides, you want to know how to take care of her frizzy hair? you can read our article on the subject right here .

 Use in hair mask :

A hair mask is the most common way to benefit from its benefits. Small recipe very simple to have the hydrated and shiny hair :

Mix a small amount of pure shea butter with a virgin oil (olive oil, argan or avocado), according to your needs.

  • Apply the small potion on the whole of the hair while insisting on the points.
  • Wrap your hair in a plastic film and put a towel / satin hat around to keep the heat.
  • When you wake up, rinse your hair with cold water to remove excess fat.

⚠️Attention to choose your shea butter: natural and pure!


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