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Nutricosmetics: being beautiful from the inside

At the crossroads of cosmetics and food supplements, today's beauty products are ingested like delicacies, for indisputable results. Focus on new generation cosmetics.

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In 2020, we no longer say "look good" but "take care of yourself". The beauty routine is meant natural, focused, simple, responsible and with a long-term effect. It is on this last point that the laboratories had to innovate. Whether for the skin, hair or nails, traditional products are quickly overtaken. A cream will only treat the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis, intended to break down every four to six weeks. It will only have a superficial effect on the aging of the skin, for example. As for the hair, shampoos or conditioners whose advertisements praise the repair of forks, they are false ... The hair fiber is biologically dead, once broken, it cannot be repaired, just like the nails. The solution, the care of the interior with nutricosmetics.

Simplify your beauty routine with nutricosmetics

Quick to take, it seduces with its simplicity and comes in different formats: in capsules, in tablets, in teas, in flavored gummies. A godsend for consumers tired of carrying a whole suitcase of beauty products on every trip. Food supplements are the assurance of an all-in-one product. The leitmotif of nutricosmetics: take care of yourself to be naturally beautiful without overdoing it. The actors of this revolution strive to offer their customers clean compositions: vitamins, trace elements and plants. In addition to boosting our appearance, these supplements fill in the gaps forgotten by our diet. With a dosage of the most childish, in the form of priest at the rate of one or two tablets per day depending on the range, provide convincing results after a few weeks.

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Food supplements or the desire for individuality

Another reason for its success: targeting! For some shiny hair, stronger, skin without imperfection, less dryness, more resistant nails or to prepare for sun exposure, there is something for everyone. What to give the impression of offering a tailor-made treatment, in a company which seeks personalization at all costs. At the same time, the arrival on the market of clean nutricosmetics responds to a desire for naturalness. A desire very well illustrated on social networks with a lot of hashtags: #nomakeup, #makeupfree, #naturalhair, #curlyhairdontcair or #nakedface. An additional proof, the technique of nude make-up which has lasted for ten years. The art of spending hours on makeup to give the impression of skin glowy and devoid of any make-up. As if the external environment were enough to magnify us, without the necessary artifice. This is how the hashtag #goldenhour made its appearance. This moment of a few minutes at dusk during which the golden rays of Sun beautify any selfie. Beauty being a vector of self-confidence, we just ask to take the plunge!

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