How to protect your hair from pollution

Difficult to escape pollution ... smoke, exhaust, dust and so on!

We know its many negative effects on the skin, and unfortunately the hair is not spared!

They become dull, brittle and greasy VERY fast!

We have gathered a small collection of tips to limit the damage and protect our mane from these external attacks!




To start and as always!


It can not be repeated enough, the hydration and the base of a good hair routine

Masks will deeply moisturize your hair.

Use your masks according to your hair type.

(warning) Even if your hair is fat, a bath of oil on your lengths from time to time is not excluded.

This will create a protective barrier on your hair and moisturize it deeply.

Every morning, you can apply a natural protective spray to your hair, which will protect it from external aggressions.


50 ml of orange blossom hydrosol?

50 ml of ylang ylang hydrosol ?

Mix these two hydrosols in a spray bottle

Apply some spray every morning on your hair!

Tip: Keep your hydrosol in the fridge (the hydrolats can be stored better at low temperatures)


The evening, do not forget to brush your hair with a round comb to remove particles that have settled on your hair. It will also be a good way to air them!

?Attention! Even if pollution there is, it is useless to wash your hair every night.

You risk destroying the protective barrier created by your natural sebum.

2 to 3 shampoos maximum per week are sufficient.


Every 2 weeks you can concoct a mask to thearwhite gile to apply under the shower for detoxify in depth your hair.

After your shampoo usual, drop the white clay and massage gently before rinsing.

Do not hesitate to read our article on the many virtues of the'White clay


Fashion protection!

During big peaks of pollution, do not hesitate to bring out your most beautiful headgear!

Hat, beret, cap, scarf are very trendy in winter and summer and will protect your hair!



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