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4 tips to get your hair ready for summer

4 tips to get your hair ready for summer

Summer is officially here!
And who says summer says: sun, beach, sand, heat and… dry and damaged hair if we are not careful!

So, here are the team’s 4 tips for getting your hair ready for summer. It’s one to embrace these next few months, with DIYs to keep your hair healthy!


Tip #1: Hydration is key!

Aloe vera
is a plant known all over the world. It has moisturizing, healing and softening properties. You can use it on the skin as well as on the hair. It is a summer essential that you can find in different forms.

How to usealoe vera gel on your hair for the summer:

Apply aloe vera gel directly to your hair or make a moisturizing spray to use before going to the beach!
Of course, we give you the recipe!

Mix in a bottle with spray:
70 ml of mineral water
10 ml of glycerine
20 ml of aloe vera

And it’s done!

Hydrater ses cheveux pour préparer ses cheveux pour l'été

Tip #2: Give your hair some nutrition

Vegetable oils are a good way to provide a barrier on the hair, which will protect them from the harmful effects of the sun. They should be applied as an anti-UV hair serum, after your moisturizer. The most effective oils against the sun are:Raspberry seed oil,soybean oil,wheat germ oil,macadamia oil, jojoba oil (the closest to human sebum). Choose the oil that suits you best and apply a few drops all over the length and ends of your hair!

Protection avec des huiles végétales anti-UV

You can also opt for nourishing masks that will bring all the the necessarynutrients to your hair in order to make it stronger in the face of pollution, the environment … Find
My Resolution #6 Nutri-Active Mask
that will strengthen the hair, nourish the hair fiber and tohelp maintain the health of the hair. It was designed to meet the needs of all hair textures.


Tip #3: Opt for a protective hairstyle before and during the summer

Attention; a protective hairstyle allows to protect the hair more precisely lengths and especially the ends which will be more prone to the dryness and the breakage during the summer.

A protective hairstyle should not put tension on your hair and weaken it. Opt for buns, braids, plaits, vanillas or wear a large hat, in addition to being practical, it will give you the look of an American actress from the 50s!

Coiffure protectrice pour l'été

Tip #4: Nourish your hair from the inside out

It’s the right time to take a good supplement cure with Resolution N°1. Your mane will be nourished from the inside out and therefore stronger and shinier!

Here come the presidents, raise your right hand and say, “I promise to follow this advice to the letter and allow my hair to have a good summer too!”

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