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At Madame La Présidente, we have gathered the best vitamins in each food supplement. Our exclusive formulas bring strength, density and vitality to hair.

We suggest a hair routine in & out with a range of
skin food supplement
anti-hair loss care
and a
curl definer

What is a food supplement for hair?

A dietary supplement for hair is a concentrated source of nutrients. It completes the nutritional intake of an individual to compensate for possible deficiencies of its diet.

At Madame La Présidente, you have the choice between a dietary supplement for hair in tablet form or in the form of gummies for hair. Combined with a varied and balanced diet, they are very beneficial for hair growth and strengthening. Taking food supplements is a good habit to adopt for beautiful and healthy hair. Fill up on the goodness in your hair routine !

Which dietary supplements should I choose to promote hair growth?

It is essential to choose the cure that meets your needs in order to observe optimal results. At Madame La Présidente, we offer you several cures to reach your goals, including hair products for hair growth.

Our food supplements are all formulated to provide the necessary nutrients to grow hair. They are suitable for every hair type: straight, smooth, wavy, curly, frizzy and frizzy.

Hair supplement cures Madam President

Resolution N°1 is recommended to stimulate growth and strengthen hair .For a new start or after a radical change in hair, it will suit most people!

Hairboost gummies promote healthy, faster hair growth and add shine.

MAMAhair gummies for pregnant and nursing women will help slow down hair loss. The advantage of using a anti-hair loss food supplement during pregnancy allows you to fight against hair loss that often occurs in some women.

For men, the gummies beard and hair Mr are a concentrate of ingredients for shiny, supple hair. For maximum results, each ingredient in the formula has been carefully selected and has an action anti-hair loss.

At Madame La Présidente, we guarantee a hair care routine for all hair types.

Why use dietary supplements for hair?

If you have hair problems (hair loss, dry hair, etc.), this may be due to an internal disorder and can be solved with food supplements. They will act in a targeted manner and from within to strengthen the hair. They sustainably improve the overall appearance and ensure the shoot continuous of hair. They allow :

  • Boost hair and nail growth
  • Strengthen the hair structure
  • Gains and strengthens the hair fiber
  • Nourish your hair

In addition to being dietary supplements for hair growthThey also help to reduce fatigue! You will find all the essential nutrients in our gummies hair for more length and shine.

What are the best vitamins to promote hair growth?

All our hair growth food supplements contain a mixture of vitamins, minerals and plants. These components act in synergy against the

hair loss

. B vitamins are the best allies to boost hair growth whether they are straight, curly, frizzy or frizzy.

Vitamin B3

It participates in the renewal of the hair follicle and promotes the growth of healthy hair. It helps deliver essential nutrients to nourish the roots and hydrate the hair follicle.

Vitamin Biotin B8

It is THE vitamin par excellence for the hair! It participates in their growth by stimulating the hair bulb. It therefore fights against hair loss and contributes to maintaining good health.

Vitamin B9 or folic acid

Reputed to make grow hairIt strengthens and repairs the hair in depth to visibly prevent breakage. It is beneficial for the oxygenation of the scalp. Your hair will be denser and shinier!

Vitamin E is also present

It helps to prevent hair loss and improves blood circulation in the scalp. It also balances sebum production to improve overall hair health.

Other vitamins play a key role such as vitamin A thanks to its antioxidant properties, bringing flexibility and shine to your hair. Our natural hair products contain minerals (selenium, calcium carbonate, magnesium) and plants such as horsetail and stinging nettle to help your crown regain its balance.

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