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Untangle me is the news detangling brush who takes care of your hair.

  • Gentle detangles
  • Respects the hair fiber
  • Prevents hair breakage
  • Do not pull out the hair
  • Suitable for all types of hair



Untangle Me, the brush that respects the hair fiber 

Improper brushing causes hair breakage and can cause excessive hair loss during detangling.

This is why it is important to have a suitable brush, so as not to damage your hair.

 Untangle me, is a brush that gently detangles hair and easily removes knots without tearing off the hair fiber. 


Untangle me, our innovative brush ensures quick detangling, while preventing hair loss and breakage. 

In an instant you get rid of the knots effortlessly and without brutality.

In addition, the gap between the pins makes it easier to style and improves the definition of curls. 

Finally, its antistatic properties smooth the scales and bring strength and shine to the hair.

Say goodbye to painful brushing and proudly wear your naturally curly hair, curly or crinkly.


Adopt Untangle me and untangle for a moment hair pleasure

  • Suitable for all loops (2A to 4C)
  • Detangles painlessly
  • Save time: detangle your hair in 5 minutes flat
  • Less hair loss: our brush does not pull out the hair
  • Promotes growth
  • Easy to clean thanks to its plastic rod


Color: green



Detangle me, the brush that detangles all curls!

Untangle me is a brush that detangles all hair.

It is particularly suitable for hair curly, curly and frizzy.

Thanks to Detangle Me, your hair will regain all its beauty and your curls will be well defined.


Children's favorite brush

The brush Untangle me is also suitable for children.

Designed to gently untangle hair, your children will enjoy having their hair styled without screaming or crying.

Indeed, the gap between the teeth ensures easy and quick disentangling and reconciles your children with brushing their natural hair.





How to use your Untangling Brush? 

The Detangling Brush is designed for quick and easy use. No more hours spent untangling your hair and that of your children with our technique!

Step 1: Wet your hair with a moisturizing spray or a moisturizing lotion.

2nd step:  Part your hair in quarters and start to untangle each section, spikes towards the roots.


In 5 minutes flat, your hair is untangled and ready for styling!


President's secrets of the detangling brush

In order to limit the creation of knots when washing, we advise you to detangle your hair before shampooing. The ideal is to apply to damp or wet hair, a conditioner and untangle section by section. Once your hair is untangled, you can apply your shampoo and say goodbye to knots!


Reviews (5)

5 reviews for DEMELE-MOI – Brosse Démêlante

  1. Christelle (verified owner) -

    After having watched the tutorial to fully understand how to use it, I am very happy with my order. I feel like it defines my curls more. Or is it perhaps the Hair Boost cure…
    In any case, for me it is VALIDATED

  2. Sheila Aspilaire (verified owner) -

    I love this brush,
    First bought as a gift, it has become a real jewel and a kind of gift that we give to our girlfriend to make her life easier.
    I really like everything you do to make us shine, it's great!
    Good continuation

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Thank you very much for this feedback! We have not finished offering you wonders to take care of your hair 😉

  3. Anabelle Deboisrolin (verified owner) -

    I bought this brush a few weeks ago. I use it once or twice a week, during my hair routines.
    I find the grip much more practical than the one I used before.
    As for efficiency, I find that it pulls me no more nor less than the old one. On the other hand, my curls are well defined.
    So I have a mixed opinion on this brush. In conclusion for me, it did not work miracles on my hair. It remains a bit expensive but remains correct for a brush of this type.
    Have a nice day 😉

  4. Lombard brigitte (verified owner) -

    Not in YOU… .. in wood !!!!!

  5. Lombard brigitte (verified owner) -

    I've been using the brush for several days ... and a few questions come to me:
    What is the small bar supplied with it for, I suppose it fixes the pins ??
    What material is the brush made of?
    Otherwise: I have straight / wavy hair but with knots underneath.
    Since styling them is a real pleasure, no pain, no breakage, the few hairs that must fall are quickly removed from the brush too!
    I have a brush in you that gives me electricity ... forgotten!
    My unraveling in you too is languishing in the drawer… I don't use it anymore!
    So yes!!! I am satisfied with this product! 😊

    • Madame President -

      Hello Brigitte!
      Thank you very much for your reply!
      The brush is made of plastic.
      Indeed, the bar maintains the opening of the brush in the position you want
      Beautiful day!

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