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Want a natural shampoo that looks like you? A shampoo that meets your needs of the moment and not that of your neighbor?

do not go further!

Because our hair is all different, Madam President offers you a fully personalized solid shampoo which answers the problems of your hair.

Made by hand in our premises according to your request!

Natural, he will know clean your hair gently and give them all the comfort they need 😉

Usage tips:

Rub your shampoo on wet hair to reveal a nice foam.

Massage your hair well and rinse it! As usual what ... 😉

1 solid shampoo of 70gr = 2 bottles of liquid shampoos!

? Vegan Shampoo ?

⭕️ Please note that shampoos are made to order and that the drying time is 48h. Your order is therefore average Shipped 3 to 4 days after order. In addition, the fragrances chosen can be masked by the smell of powders or essential oils chosen according to your problems? We favor efficiency over smell! ⭕️

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Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Shampoing solide

  1. Lydia DARCY -

    I have not yet tested Madam President's solid shampoo. But little question, do you need a conditioner?

  2. Inda (verified owner) -

    Not very convinced initially by this shampoo solid but as soon as I tried it I was pleasantly surprised because it foam and leaves the hair flexible! I love it and I strongly recommend it

  3. Julie (verified owner) -

    already conquered by products Madam President I wanted to test the new kid, the solid shampoo I do not regret in any case my product super purchase it foam well, cleans my scalp gently, makes the hair well shine shiny I l I adore I do not care anymore.

  4. Lane -

    Natural frizzy hair, I had a lot of hair loss. This shampoo made my hair much more supple and resilient after two weeks of use. It's just perfect for me. Thank you, Madam Chair. I recommend 200%.

  5. Louisa -

    I did not adhere too much, my shampoo made my hair dry. Pretty disappointed

    • Madame President -

      Hello Louisa,

      Are we sorry you didn't adhere to our shampoo?
      But your experience and quite normal, rest assured!
      Switching from a classic shampoo, containing many chemical agents to give your hair the impression of being shiny, hydrated etc ... to a solid and all-natural shampoo requires adaptation for your hair! ?
      It necessarily takes time for him to get rid of all the chemicals that he has engulfed over time, to take only the benefits of solid shampoo.
      We advise you to peruse!
      Do not hesitate to send us a message at if you have questions ?

  6. Jade (verified owner) -

    I have curly / frizzy hair. The back of my head is curly / curly, and the rest curly / frizzy, pulling more and more towards the kinky ones. I tried this shampoo by ordering it for curly hair. He gently strokes my hair except at the back of my head (maybe I'll have to take kinky hair next time?). However, it cleans the hair extremely well, and saw the tuft that I was surprised to not have needed to use a lot, and the smell is wow. I wait to see in the long term, if it answers my problem. I recommend

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