RESOLUTION N ° 1 - Growth and volume

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Our food supplement Resolution N ° 1 is a concentrate of vitamins, minerals and plants, for your hair!

Rich in biotin, collagen, and stinging nettle, our exclusive formula is made in France  !

Composed of 18 vitamins, minerals et plantes, ce complément alimentaire :

  • Stimulates the hair bulb
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Improves hair condition
  • Promotes hair fortification



Sheath and nourish your hair

Having great hair is no small feat. This requires having a complete hair routine, associated with a varied and balanced diet.

A President does not have time to take care of her hair: Resolution N ° 1 gives her all the nutrients she needs, for iron health, dreamy hair, glowing skin and strong nails.

Resolution N ° 1 is our flagship product: it is the first nutri-cosmetic formula that takes care of your hair.

A unique formula which boosted growth and strengthens hair 

Thanks to our French laboratory, we have combined, in a single tablet, 18 vitamins, minerals and plants essential for proper cellular functioning in order to regain dense hair, smooth skin and strong nails.

One tablet contains:

  • a complex of B vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8 (biotin), B9 (folic acid), B12
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin D
  • vitamin C, which helps reduce fatigue

But that's not all ! Resolution N ° 1 c’est aussi des plantes (prêle, ortie piquante), des minéraux (sélénium, carbonate de calcium, magnésium) et de nombreux actifs (sélénium, MSN, collagène) : plein de bienfaits pour vos cheveux et votre le cuir chevelu.

Total weight for a pill organizer: 31.6 g - 30 tablets



Resolution N ° 1, our hair food supplement, sublimates all types of hair.

Our natural food supplements for hair suitable for all hair types:

– raides

– lisses

– ondulés

– bouclés

– frisés

– crépus


Resolution N ° 1 perfectly suited to afro hair.


Our dietary supplement is for you if your hair is:

– ternes, fatigués, secs

– cassants et fragiles

– clairsemés

– en manque de volume et de brillance

– qui tombent en masse et poussent lentement

– ayant subi des agressions (défrisages, teintures, …)



How to take Resolution N ° 1, our hair food supplement? 

One tablet every day with a full glass of water, or in the middle of a meal and your hair will say thank you!

The dietary supplement Resolution N ° 1 is to be taken as part of a varied and balanced diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

Do not exceed the recommended doses and respect the dosage.

Store out of the reach of children and in its packaging protected from light, heat and humidity in order to retain all the benefits.

Resolution N ° 1 not suitable for children under 15 without medical advice.

Suitable for pregnant and lactating women, under medical advice.


President's Secret of our vitamin tablets

In order to maximize the results, it is recommended to carry out a course of natural food supplements of 3 to 6 months, to renew according to your needs during the year.



Discover the benefits of ingredients, selected as cosmetic active ingredients

Resolution N ° 1 contains 18 vitamins, minerals and plant extracts, having an action on the scalp, hair fiber, skin and nails.


Find out what makes our hair food supplement so successful!


A high concentration in B vitamins, which ensures the proper functioning of cells:

• B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8 (biotin), B9 (folic acid), B12


A cocktail of vitamins essential for proper cellular functioning:

• vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D


Plant extracts:

• stinging nettle, field horsetail


Minerals and other assets:

• selenium yeast, fish collagen, MSM, magnesium, calcium carbonate

Composition of hair supplements Resolution N ° 1

Ingredients (one tablet): Mineral: Calcium carbonate 176 mg (22% VNR), Stinging nettle leaf extract (Urtica dioica) 600 mg EPS, Bulking agents: microcrystalline cellulose, Vitamin C 80mg (100 % VNR), Coating (Hydroxypropymethyllcellulose Microcrystalline cellulose, Glycerin , Talc, Candurin pearl silver), Selenium yeast 55 ug (100 % VNR), Vitamin B5 18 mg (300 % VNR), Methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM) 20 mg, Fish collagen hydrolyzate 20 mg, Vitamins:  B3 16 mg (100 % VNR), A 800 ug ER (100 % VNR), D 10 ug (200 % VNR), B1 3.3 mg (300 % VNR), B2 4.2 mg (300 % VNR), B6 2 mg (143 % VNR), B8 150 ug (300 % VNR), B9 200 ug (100 % VNR), B12 2.5 ug (100 % VNR), Horsetail extract (Equisetum arvense) 30 mg EPS , Anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate. 

VNR = nutritional reference value

EPS = dry plant equivalent 

Reviews (83)

83 reviews for RÉSOLUTION N°1 – Croissance et volume

  1. marinemrv (verified owner) -

    Je finis le troisième mois et les résultats sont là ! J’étais septique car j’ai eu l’occasion de tester plusieurs complément alimentaire pour la pousse et le volume déjà et ceux de Madame la Présidente reste de loin les meilleurs ! Pousse, volume et brillance au rendez-vous. Seul bémol le goût mais largement passable.

  2. dubovanessa (verified owner) -

    ce produit est GÉNIAL,
    volume ++
    pousse ++
    fluidité des cheveux ++

    • Madame President -

      Merci pour votre super retour 😍😍 On a hâte de voir votre avant/après ! 😁

  3. MxlleSandrine -

    Je me suis enfin décidée de commencer ma cure de 3 mois « Résolution N•1 » et, je ne suis pas déçue.
    Je viens de terminer mon 2ème mois.
    Mes cheveux ont bien poussé, sont plus fournis, plus forts.
    Ma coiffeuse a vu la différence.
    Merci 🤩

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Merci pour ce super retour 😍 N’hésitez pas à nous partager votre avant/après !

  4. Anaelle Laloum -

    Parfait !!

  5. Didi (verified owner) -

    J’ai fait une cure de 3 mois mon avis reste mitigé. Une pousse est constatée mais rien d’extraordinaire. J’attendais beaucoup de ces compléments au niveau de mes zones clairsemées mais je ne constate pas d’énorme changement je suis déçue. ´
    J’ai changé de gamme , j’ai commencé la hair boost aujourd’hui j’espère voir une réelle différence d’ici 3 mois.

  6. Lorene Singer -

    After a last big big chop in January 2020 I followed a Hair boost treatment of one month to finish with that of resolution n1 of three months and nothing to say I have a nature of curly hair that grows quite well but quickly does not necessarily mean good and for once, but hair grew strong, shiny and silky even with daily styling! I withdraw a star because I have a big problem with taking tablets and it did not fail with this one ...

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Oooh thank you for this great feedback! 🙏 Do not hesitate to turn to Hair boost if you have trouble with the tablets 😊

  7. Jouhaïna (verified owner) -

    Thank you, I had lost hope of no longer having volume, but you gave me back a smile 😀, my hair has regained volume and it has grown back beautiful.

  8. Nicole Herserange -

    I did a 6 month cure and I do not regret.
    I'm just looking to strengthen my hair and make it come back to life.
    and the result is evolving
    I will do a 6 month cure again in June compared to seasonal falls..thank you

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Hello ! We are delighted to read that, thank you for this feedback 🥰 Do not hesitate to send us your before / after!

  9. Nadia MOURHALI -

    Having kept my false locks too long, my hair was not in great shape, this treatment did them a lot of good.

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Hello Nadia, thank you very much for this feedback 😍 We are delighted to have been able to help you sublimate your hair 🔥


    Resolution n ° 1 I love it and start my 3rd treatment,
    at the beginning I was skeptical then I did a cure, a second and now I'm starting my 3rd.
    On the plus side my hair is longer stronger thicker shiny little shedding. And my nails say thank you.

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Thank you for this great feedback, we are delighted to read that the cure suits you 😍 Do not hesitate to send us your before / after!

  11. Corinne FELIX (verified owner) -

    I had a big hair loss .... after a month and a half of treatment: a miracle: no more fall, volume and I found my hair from before. My nails stronger.
    For me it works 😀

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Miracles, we love it 😍 Thank you for this great feedback!

  12. Emily grondin (verified owner) -

    My 2nd month of resolution n ° 1 is over, I combined it with resolution n ° 2 hair detox tea, a lot of small regrowth of about 2cm, more motivated than ever to continue the treatment 😊.

  13. Didi (verified owner) -

    I am at 1 and a half months of treatment. A nice growth is observed but nothing on the fall for the moment because it is mainly for the fall that I had bought the cure. Hoping that it will be settled or even a little settled after 3 months.

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Hello ! Don't panic, the effects take more or less time to be visible depending on the person. Don't forget to take a before / after to see the effects!

  14. hnanon97 -

    Received in 1 week despite the health situation situation. I haven't finished my treatment yet but I can already see the effects on my hair and nails🥰. Thanks to you ❤

    • Lorrine Brion -

      We are delighted that you received your order quickly, good treatment 🎉 We can't wait to see the result!

  15. Jessica CENTAURE -

    When your hairdresser asks you if you took drugs so much you have roots after 2 months, you are rather proud to be a president !!
    My hair has never been so healthy, and with such beautiful curls. In the morning I put on my styling cream, I style them with my fingers and let's go! Volume, curls, no need to put on a ton of products for them to have some semblance of life.
    Madam President changed my hair routine.

    Thank you for everything !!

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Ooooh thank you for this great comeback President 🙏 We are delighted to help you sublimate your curls!

  16. tess8695 -

    Really a blow of pep's for my hair, beginning of the results of the 2 weeks of use.
    I'm leaving soon with the heir boost but for 6 months and come back with new.

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Thank you for this feedback, we can't wait to see the results of your next treatment!

  17. Princess Ina -

    I totally recommend! ✅ Satisfactory results. 👌Easy to swallow tablet. Box easy to slip into the bag 👜

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Hello, thank you, we are happy to read that you are satisfied with your results! Do not hesitate to send us your before / after 🙈

  18. Océane Ramin -

    I am at the end of my 3 month treatment and I am so satisfied with this product 😍. I highly recommend. After a month I saw a change in my volume and my lengths it's really great

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Hello Océane, thank you very much for this great feedback, we are delighted that you enjoyed the treatment so much! 😍

  19. Babeth (verified owner) -

    I just finished a six month cure coupled with resolution number two.
    Wow, I'm blown away !!
    I have tons of regrowth (I had lost half of the mass) and I have recovered almost everything. My nails are very beautiful, it is insane. I do a pose and I start again… I will test the hate boost too, it tempts me too much. So I took a cure from my man lol, to follow ...

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Hello Elisabeth, thank you for this great feedback! You did well to combine Resolution N ° 1 and Resolution N ° 2, their actions are complementary and therefore more powerful together 🔥 We are delighted to read that!

  20. lovelydurbant -

    I have been using these capsules for 2 years already and I can see the result!
    After one month less hair loss and then after three months, I noticed a real growth!
    I recommend !

  21. VICTORIA BOISDUR (verified owner) -

    After almost 1 month of treatment, I can already see a growth in my hair. I'm waiting to see the final result after 3 months of treatment but it's already a good start 😉

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Thank you for this feedback Victoria! A great start, and we can't wait to see the end result too!

  22. Jessica CLEREMPUY -

    I started with a one month cure to test. I haven't really seen any results on the nails that are always so brittle and they split. I still renewed for a course of 3 additional months, hoping to see real results, to see ...

  23. Emily grondin -

    My first month of treatment completed, my hair is less dry and curls better defined.
    I hope to see the results on the fall and a nice shoot 😊

  24. Marie Reboul (verified owner) -

    Great product!

  25. Marie Reboul (verified owner) -

    Tested for 1 month and the growth is incredible. Less hair loss I recommend

  26. NappyK (verified owner) -

    So I waited until the end of the 3 months to write this notice.
    I did a Big Chop in October and started my cure. Today is the end of January and I can already tie my hair up in a high bun! On the other hand, I had no effect on my nails which remain brittle. But I am fully satisfied with the results on my hair! I renew the cure for 3 months and will do an update on my next results which I hope will be as striking! Too bad we can't post pictures!
    Girls, you can get started with your eyes closed!
    Madam President thank you thanks to you my mane comes back to life!
    (Info: type 4 hair)

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Hello ! Thank you for this great feedback 🙏 We are delighted that the treatment had the effects you expected ... You can always send us your before / after on Instagram 😁 Good second treatment!

  27. Nana -

    Bjr I want to soon on my 2 months I made pigtails and frankly I am very happy that my hair has regained volume. And to say I wanted to stop the food supplements because I have a health problem because nothing worked ms well done 👌👌👌.

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Hello ! We are delighted to read this, do not hesitate to send us your before / after to show us this great evolution 😁

  28. Steph. AT -

    This is the first time that I have tested dietary supplements where I have finally seen results. I highly recommend ! I had a real boost as well as results from the first month. Today, I repeated the experience and it can only do good for my pretty mane!
    So thank you again Madam President!

  29. Jaël ULEGIE -

    Great! I have a lot more regrowth even on my temples which were bald from the first month! Can't wait to see the result at the end of the 3 months ...

  30. Jahjah -

    Great ! I had a lot more regrowth from the first month. My very bald temples are well supplied!

  31. Christelle -

    I'm a fan of these easy-to-take little tablets. I have already had a cure and I was amazed by the results. The next 3 month cure is already here. I will start it in mid March because my 6 month Hair Boost cure ends January 31st.

  32. Louis Jerrica -

    I bought the three month cure.
    I really saw big changes, texture, length, thickness for two months. Then the third month big fall but it is surely hormonal because I often have problems of this order. I'll try again. In any case the customer service via fb is responsive and top notch.

  33. Soso (verified owner) -

    I tested and I approve !! Goodbye the handful of hair at the end of my shampoo! I gained in growth, my hair tangle less and all that from the first month
    And for all these reasons I am about to complete this treatment with two more months !! 🥰

  34. Pamela Lango -

    I am delighted with this dietary supplement which clearly gives my hair a boost, it grows and is healthier. I have 2 months of treatment, I have one month left and then I will start a treatment with the gummies.
    I keep recommending your products to those around me.
    Thank you, Madam Chair.

  35. zenasnifahame42 -

    Finally some supplements that work! Bravo MADAME THE PRESIDENT! I took the 3-month cure, I'm in my 2nd month and I'm already seeing big changes. These supplements stopped my hair + mass loss. Thank you ! I will take the Hair Boost at the end of my 3rd month. I trust them completely.

  36. Julie guillet (verified owner) -

    Very satisfied with my treatment, I arrived at the end of my second month and the results are there !! They grew very well and they regained volume, I lose my hair a lot less too.
    My nails are stronger and also grow faster.
    I plan to continue my cure over 6 months, I recommend 100 %.

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Thank you for your feedback Julie, we are delighted to read this 😍 Good end of treatment, we can not wait to see the before / after final!

  37. Lea Drutinus -

    Product that allowed me to regain the volume lost due to the cold! I recommend to everyone, a killer!

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Hello Léa, thank you very much for this great feedback, we are delighted to see that! 😁

  38. Sabine Gagneur -

    It works !!! I soon finished my 3 month treatment and my hair is more beautiful and strong and especially longer. I plan to start a new cure after a short break of one month. I can tell you that I have finally found the complement that suits me.

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Thank you very much for this great return… And good treatment in advance! 😁

  39. rebtorbal (verified owner) -

    My favorite product, one capsule to be taken per day. Really acts on hair growth. I have already done several cures.

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Thank you very much for your feedback and your loyalty 🙏

  40. CHERRY -

    Hello I have a quick question before ordering the six month cure selenium yeast makes it fat or swell the belly like brewer's yeast my personal opinion for brewer's yeast.

    Thank you, Madam President.

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Hello ! Selenium yeast does not make the belly swell 😊

  41. Medge -

    I started with a 2 month cure. I haven't really seen any results on my hair but my nails are solid and white (for the first time in my life). On the other hand, very annoying: the tablets cause me acne even though I do not have acne-prone skin. I quit for two weeks on the 2nd month and started again to be sure. How to cure it ? Take one in two? I still repeated the treatment in 3 months to see the effects on my hair, but to see ...

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Hello ! We are sorry to read this! 😥 We invite you to send us a message on Facebook or Instagram so that we can establish a personalized diagnosis together!

  42. Sylvie -

    I am going to finish my 1st resolution n ° 01 bottle, I bought the pack of 3.
    I did not notice any obvious change in my hair, and even I have the impression that I am losing it even more ... I told myself that it was necessary to wait at least 1 month to see the result, and well nothing,
    I hesitate to stop the treatment because it has no significant or spectacular effect.
    It won't hurt me but it doesn't change anything either.
    Too bad it looked so awesome!

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Hello Sylvie,
      We are sorry to read that your treatment did not have as much effect as expected 😥
      Do not hesitate to send us a message on Instagram so that we can establish a more in-depth diagnosis together, in order to understand the reasons!

  43. Wording -

    I will start by saying that I have straightened hair, level is growing yes there has been, but no more than the other months before, and I had as much breakage as before ... so I do not know if this is because with the degreasing and pushing them back, that necessarily breaks 🤷🏽‍♀️.
    For my part, I think that if you have straightening hair and you take the capsules you absolutely have to have a protective hairstyle because with the regrowth it breaks the hair.

    I'll try the gummies to see

  44. Lea Leclercq (verified owner) -

    Only one word ?
    You saved my hair, I'm more than happy.
    3 months of treatment now and I would continue !!
    To share without moderation !

  45. Lorine Chevallier (verified owner) -

    For the moment no results on the shoot. My hair has become dry…. I will still finish the treatment to see if it has an effect

    • Madame President (verified owner) -

      Hello Lorine,

      It is quite normal not to have any results on the growth during the 1st month of treatment.
      the changes are visible on average at the end of the 2nd month 😉
      Regarding the dryness of your hair, do not hesitate to bathe yourself in oils, and apply masks!
      Very nice day,
      The team Madam President

  46. Rachida ESSALHI (verified owner) -

    I just finished my three month cure. I was surprised at how quickly my hair grew. Over 3cm from the first month and thick / hard nails like I've never had. I am conquered ...

  47. MARION -

    I had heard so much good about this product.
    I am very disappointed no difference to note!

  48. Marlene (verified owner) -

    Recommended by a friend….
    I ordered a 3-month cure during a promotion…. It was love at first sight!

    One of the best hair supplements tested to date. The composition won me over.

  49. Louise Stoschek (verified owner) -

    Soon a month of treatment and a noticeable difference in the amount of hair on the comb: less than before!
    The nails are also strengthened.
    I am satisfied with the resolution and I will continue on a course of 3 months.
    I recommend !
    (The order arrived quickly and on time despite the confinement, so also satisfied on delivery.)

  50. GABRIELLA GERMANY (verified owner) -

    Great product, which slows hair breakage and grows nails.
    He keeps his promises!

  51. sanstoise -

    Nails that have grown and harder…
    Much less brittle hair…

  52. Laurène URI (verified owner) -

    Very surprised by the effectiveness of this product on my hair, for having tried food supplements, it is this one that I retain as one of the best supplements (having curly to frizzy hair) it brings health shine to my hair.
    I plan to perform a 6 month cure and I highly recommend this brand.
    The effectiveness of a good French product 🙂

  53. cassandra duverceau (verified owner) -

    My first food supplements and frankly I do not intend to stop. In 1 month my hair has taken volume, it has been growing longer but patience is part of the process. In 6 months of cure resolution n1, the growth and even more showy me which is hair which does not seem to want to grow I am delighted and I do not even speak about my nails. They are growing and more solid than ever, this is a first !!! ❤😍

  54. Sarah Bahedja (verified owner) -

    I ordered resolution n ° 1 last month
    I had a lot of doubts but there is none at all. This product works. I finished my first box and I'm just shocked. I see good growth, much softer hair 😂 the comb goes smoothly. I feel like my hair is more hydrated. My hair was broken at the back and it's starting to grow again. I have always struggled to achieve a certain length in the middle of my head that comes close to the rest of my hair. And there I see that it starts to live again too.
    Well, I cut my points a little after a heat damage but it does not matter I start my second box and I will come back after the end of this one. I want to clarify that I have frizzy hair 4a-4b.
    And for my skin it is much smoother without imperfections (pimples), a more radiant complexion I like too much.

  55. Sun 972 -

    Not at all adept at dietary supplements for fear of the content of these pills but here I do not regret having followed the advice…. They are awesome !
    This little gem helped me a lot during my hair transition.
    Much faster growth than usual and stronger hair!

    Thanks again

  56. dorianne angele (verified owner) -

    I started this cure a month ago, woauuuw !!! I already see the results no but really like it has grown enormously 😳. At first I was apprehensive, but today I look good 😂. Another 2 months and we will see more that I had a tappered cut than the head. Thank you for everything madam president ❤️#coeursurvous

    • Odile from Madame La Présidente -

      Hello Dorianne,
      Nice to read this great feedback!
      Do not hesitate to share a before and after photo on Instagram with #madamelapresidente and #appelezmoipresidente
      See you soon,
      Odile @ madamelapresidente 😘

  57. jade.cano -

    A just awesome cure!
    After making platinum blonde my hair was like a rubber band a horror!
    It is the only cure for hair that gives me back the volume of the length and my curls !!
    Not give for 1 month but it's well worth it because these are only effective products
    I recommend to 10000%

  58. Jessica Joncart (verified owner) -

    I like it and j3 starts to see the result

    • Odile from Madame La Présidente -

      Hello Jessica,
      Thank you for your trust! We can't wait to see the result! 🤗

  59. Marine E -

    First month ended today… and what can I say? Only positive !!!!
    - my hair thickened, I had holes, and now nothing!
    - small hair that grows everywhere.
    - they are less greasy, I could space out my washing for an additional day, or even two when I was lazy.
    - certainly a faster growth (my entourage says it)
    - ultra hard nails
    - and most importantly for me, FINALLY a supplement that does not give me stomach aches!
    THANK YOU for these magic complements! Can't wait to start the second month !!!!

  60. Vilela Claudina (verified owner) -

    I tested the resolution n1 cure for 6 months and I really saw the difference: my hair grew twice as fast and I gained in volume!
    I am amazed because in the past I have tried different cures without ever seeing such a difference. I highly recommend this product and I can't wait to start a new cure ❤️


    Greatly slows hair loss
    I am delighted and in addition it is a healthy and not harmful product

  62. Nadia (verified owner) -

    Hello, I ordered my resolution for 3 months as well as the hair boust for 1 month, I wanted to know if we could take both at the same time or take them separately during the day. Thank you.

    • Madame President (verified owner) -

      Hello Nadia,

      It is not recommended to perform the 2 cures at the same time 😉

  63. Krystel -

    Well unfortunately, I am one of the 1% for whom this supplement does not work… it happens… no reduction in the breakage of my hair, they have become very dry despite the care, my nails are still brittle… in short… after 2 months 1/2, the results are not convincing for me ... this testimony is just to reassure those who find themselves in my case ... sometimes, you have to accept that what suits the majority is not necessarily universal ... good continuation to Madam the President in any case, and congratulations to the Presidents who were able to find more vigorous planets !!

    • Madame President (verified owner) -

      Hello Krystel,

      1 month of dietary supplements cure is not enough to have convincing results. A cure of 3 months will solve your problem of breakage ?

  64. Assani dassanti (verified owner) -

    ? ☺️ Never seen such a fast delivery, it is the first time that I receive a parcel so quickly whereas in general the delivery France meeting takes 15-30 days. thank you madam president you keep your promise of fast delivery?

  65. VIRGINIA (verified owner) -

    I started Resolution # 1 on July 17th. It really is a great product. My hair is much more beautiful, it does not fall out, it shines. I am 58 years old and I have taken and resumed hair loss supplements. This is the first time that I have been 100 % satisfied and I must also say that it also plays on the skin which, for me, has never looked so good. I just recommended a cure for 3 months.

  66. valentinetoma_pierrot (verified owner) -

    Great!! this supplement stopped the breakage and the fall of my hair (straightening) I recommend the eyes close, little more I am a hairy person and I was afraid that its also makes my hairs finally a healthy product I tell you miles merciiiiiiiiiii madam la president 😀

  67. eve.vautor (verified owner) -

    After a month of treatment I am already conquered. Stronger and voluminous hair and less fragile nails & #8230; Thank you, Madam Chair !!

  68. amanda.maunier (verified owner) -

    I'm at the end of my first month! I am delighted about it ! My hair has gained in volume, the curls are more beautiful, well defined and plump! I love ! This is why I opt for my second month 🙂

    • Madame President (verified owner) -

      Thanks a lot for this return Amanda!

  69. moira.westindies (verified owner) -

    My hair grows faster, breaks less
    The nails grew less fragile than at the beginning of my treatment
    I'm in my second month and I do not want to finish

  70. SEVERINE. The -

    I am already satisfied after 2 weeks of use my locks are more flexible and I am starting to have a lot of regrowth. I ordered a 3 month cure and recommend 100%.

  71. Sasou -

    Frankly I do not even know how to describe the effectiveness of this product my hair grow and even at the temples when I did not believe it too much and my nails are stronger and my skin is doing pretty well. Thank you Madam Chair !!!!! I am satisfied with my order and for the first time I will recommend this hair complement

  72. julie.brun (verified owner) -

    Top product! I started a one-month treatment and saw the results very quickly, so much so that I just recommended a further 2-month treatment. The texture of my curly hair is much more structured and I lose it a lot less! I am delighted with the result.

  73. larichere (verified owner) -

    I am totally satisfied with this product ?, my loop ➿ are more defines, less breakage and inevitably my mane is much thicker !! I'm so happy! I'm here for a new course of 3 months ✌???

  74. Simone (verified owner) -

    Top product, my nails grow very fast even though I cut them every two days, I noticed that my frizzy hair had become softer, I will order another cure
    Thank you, Madam Chair

  75. nais97.2 (verified owner) -

    After 10 days of use we immediately see the difference and after 1 month the growth, appearance and strength are clearly visible. I started with the 1 month cure and I opted for 2 months so I am so won over by its effectiveness !!!?

  76. Nyls (verified owner) -

    I am shocked at the effectiveness of this product. Even my beautician is shocked at the strength of my nails. My hair ?? just perfect. I continue my treatment. Thank you??

    • Madame President (verified owner) -

      Thank you very much Nyls for this great feedback!

  77. Lea Foltete -

    Top product and top brand! Me who swears by natural and ethical products, I am served! My hair has regained its vitality, I recommend!

  78. bintou -

    I love the product. my hair has been in better health ever since. I continue on a course of three months of the coup!

  79. Angelic -

    Great product. After a month of use my hair is really longer, thicker and more beautiful! I quickly re-order to continue

  80. Ouldrabia -

    Great product! My hair is really beautiful, pill soon finished, I will quickly recommend. In the top. I recommend .

  81. SAINT JEAN Odile -

    I have been using it for almost 3 weeks now and my hair falls out much less when disentangling and looks much more beautiful and shiny!
    I can't wait to order the other boxes to continue my treatment <3

  82. louise -

    Received 15d ago!
    I have the impression that my hair regrow more, especially above the temples ... But most importantly, I have a great skin since! I did not think that was playing too, suddenly, super surprise!
    Another advantage, the pills are small, it changes other pills that I tried before that were stuck in the throat in the morning .. haha.
    Super product, Madam President !!!

  83. Rabia -

    Received resolution n ° 1 a little over 2 weeks ago now and whaouuuu !!! I am delighted, I lose less hair despite having tested a lot of products already on the market. My hair is clearly more beautiful. Thank you Madam President, finished the depression of falling hair. I finally found my hair supplement! It was time 😉

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