NEW DEPARTURE - 3 months

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Our cure “New start", is The cure that we recommend to facilitate long-term hair regrowth and nourishment intensely.  Made of 3 months of treatment Resolution N ° 1, Nouveau Départ is THE cure to adopt if your hair is weakened and need in-depth care ...

New Start is a real concentrate of vitamins, minerals and essentials nutriments indispensableallowing to

  • make push them faster hair and slow the fall
  • nourish the hair fiber inside
  • find a cmore beautiful hair and more strong





Promotes grows sustainably

Having great hair is no small feat. This requires having a complete hair routine, associated with a varied and balanced diet.

However, our 100 per hour lifestyle does not allow us to take care of our hair nor to assimilate all essentials nutriments our bodies need to be healthy, to have beautiful hair, a beautiful glowing skin and strong nails.

This is why we developed in 2017, Resolution N ° 1, the first one nutri-cosmetic formula who takes care of your hair in record time.

A nutrient-rich formula that stimulates grows and deeply nourishes

After several months of testing, formulations with our French laboratory, we combined in one tablet, 18 vitamins, minerals and plants essential for proper cellular functioning in order to regain dense hair, smooth skin and strong nails.


In a tablet, you will find the multiple B vitamins, which stimulate the synthesis of keratin, a major constituent of hair fiber. The vitamins of group B help fight against hair loss, stimulate the hair bulb and sustainably promote hair regrowth.

To these vitamins, we have added plants (such as horsetail, nettle) and minerals (selenium, calcium carbonate) as well as many active ingredients, for their benefits on the scalp and their anti-hair loss action.


Total weight for 3 pill organizers: 95g - 90 tablets



Resolution N ° 1, our food supplement specialized in growth, enhances all hair. 


At Madame La Présidente, we are committed to sublimating all women and representing beauty as a whole.


Our dietary supplements for hair suitable for all hair fibers, whatever:

  • stiff, smooth
  • wavy
  • curly
  • curly
  • kinky

Our hair nutritional supplements are therefore ideal for afro hair.


Our dietary supplement is for you if your hair is:

  • dull
  • fragile and damaged
  • thin or thick
  • lacking in volume and strength
  • dull, looking for shine and radiance
  • fall in droves





How to take Resolution N ° 1, our dietary supplement for hair? 

One tablet every morning for three months, with a full glass of water and your hair will say thank you!

The dietary supplement Resolution N ° 1 is to be taken as part of a varied and balanced diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

Do not exceed the recommended doses and respect the dosage.

Keep out of the reach of children and in its packaging away from light, heat and moisture to maintain all benefits.

Resolution N ° 1  not suitable for children under 15 without medical advice.

Suitable for pregnant and lactating women, under medical advice.

President's Secret of our vitamin tablets

In order to maximize the results, it is recommended to carry out a course of food supplement of 3 to 6 months. To renew according to your needs during the year.





Discover the benefits of ingredients, selected as cosmetic active ingredients

Resolution No. 1 contains 18 vitamins, minerals and plant extracts, acting on the scalp, hair fiber, skin and nails.

Find out what makes our anti-fall treatment successful:

A high concentration in B vitamins

  • Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 B8 (Biotin), B9 (folic acid), B12
  • Ensure good cell functioning, stimulate hair growth, slow down loss, improve density

A cocktail of vitamins essential for good cellular functioning

  • Vitamin A: strengthens the hair fiber
  • Vitamin C: promotes growth
  • Vitamin D: brings vitality and participates in the renewal of the hair

Plant plants:

  • Stinging Nettle: stimulates blood circulation and slows hair loss, regulates sebum production and eliminates dandruff
  • Prèle des Champs: strengthens the integuments (hair and nails) reduces hair loss and promotes regrowth


Minerals and other active ingredients:

  • Selenium yeast: brings beauty and health to skin and appendages
  • Fish collagen: improves skin elasticity
  • MSM: improves the production of collagen and keratin





INCI list of hair supplements Resolution N ° 1

Ingredients (one tablet): Mineral: Calcium carbonate 176 mg (22% VNR), Stinging nettle leaf extract (Urtica dioica) 600 mg EPS, Bulking agents: microcrystalline cellulose, Vitamin C 80mg (100% VNR), Coating (Hydroxypropymethyllcellulose Microcrystalline cellulose, Glycerin, Talc , Candurin pearly silver), Selenium yeast 55ug selenium (100%VNR),  Vitamin B5 18 mg (300% VNR), Methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM) 20 mg, Fish collagen hydrolyzate 20 mg, Vitamins:  B3 16 mg (100% VNR), A 800ug ER (100% VNR), D 10ug (200% VNR), B1 3.3mg (300% VNR), B2 4.2mg (300% VNR), B6 2mg (143% VNR), B8 150 ug (300% VNR), B9 200ug (100% VNR), B12 2,5ug (100% VNR), Horsetail extract (Equisetum arvense) 30mg EPS, Anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate.

NRV = nutritional reference value

EPS = dry plant equivalent

Reviews (64)

64 reviews for NOUVEAU DÉPART – 3 mois

  1. Stéphy Le Bihan (verified owner) -

    I recommend this cure!
    I saw a real improvement in my hair at the end of my 3 month treatment. Thank you !

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Thank you very much for this kind feedback, we are delighted to read that the results were there! 🔥

  2. lovelydurbant (verified owner) -

    This cure is the only one that offers me real results. After a month, I noticed less hair loss, then after three months I noticed a real growth. My nails have never been so long 😊
    One tablet a day, can be binding! We validate!

    • Lorrine Brion -

      We are delighted to read that, mission accomplished for us 😁 Thank you for this great feedback!

  3. Sooo (verified owner) -

    I ordered the 3 month Resolution # 1 cure and recommend 1000%!
    I never leave comments but I had to do it because my hair really had an incredible growth (+ 10 cm) when it was no longer growing and I also had a very strong fall due to severe seborrheic dermatitis and for that also the supplements slowed down the fall in a dazzling way!
    In the meantime, I was able to get rid of my dermatitis and the supplements were able to restore volume, strength and shine. Top product!

    • Lorrine Brion -

      We are really happy to read this 😍 Thanks for your feedback! We hope to see your before / after on the networks!

  4. Lolipop (verified owner) -

    Hello, I have absolutely no idea how to respond to a comment, so I apologize for making a new one. My hair is normal and type 2A!
    Thank you !

    • Lorrine Brion -

      We recommend Resolution N ° 1, whose overall action will stimulate growth, reduce hair loss and give strength and vitality to your hair, which will be deeply nourished!

  5. Lolipop -

    I would like to know which cure to turn to. I would like to promote the growth of my hair and slow down their fall, but also to make them gain density, and therefore also a strengthening side.
    Thank you in advance !

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Hello ! What is your hair type? This question will allow us to guide you as well as possible!

  6. Elody -

    I recently followed you on Instagram and I hear a lot about you and your treatments seem to be great !!! I will then explain my problem to you, I have hypothyroidism and I think it causes me alopecia, I have hair loss all over the back of my head and a little on the temples. On the other hand, my nails are doing well. I am currently taking black seed oil capsules and vitamins & minerals (I started a week ago). I am thinking of cutting my hair short because it is very dry and fragile, I am depressed… Moreover, due to my work, my hair must be tied up all the time. Seeing the superb comments on Cure N ° 1, I really wanted to give it a try. What can you advise me please?



    • Madame President -

      Hello Elodie,
      Indeed, Resolution N ° 1 seems ideal in your case 😉

      Beautiful day!

  7. Anais Gallet -

    I ordered a 3-month course of resolution n ° 1 after cutting a good 10 cm of hair in order to start a hair transition in the best conditions. Before the treatment, my hair was very lacking in volume despite the cut and my hair was reaching the top of the shoulders… Hop 3 months of treatment, the observation is startling and the results are super visible! Much bulkier hair, prettier, more plump curls and I have recovered my pre-cut length, they now reach me above the chest! This cure is a real nugget I fully intend to test the gummies in 1 month or 2!

  8. Laurenne -

    Hello, I have had a lot of hair loss since forever and I missed a homemade haircut. So I want to focus on growing and especially falling.
    I hesitate between the resolution n ° 1 cure and the hair boost. Which one suits me best?
    Thank you ! 🤗

    • Madame President -

      I advise you to opt for Hair Boost!
      And I also advise you not to cut your hair alone anymore 🙂
      (I'm also a failed house cup champion!)

  9. Jennifer Paris (verified owner) -

    I love this cure! It's my second and my hair has never looked so good! I will recommend some

  10. Anonymous (verified owner) -

    Hello Madam President, I am in my 5th month. I can give an opinion, this cure is just incredible ..! My hair has since had a good density and a good length I recommend this cure at 💯 % it is extra! 😍 Now I can't wait to try the gummies.

  11. Ericka CROFILS (verified owner) -

    Great product. I have seen a marked improvement in my hair.
    Strengthened hair that breaks less and grows quickly.
    Being a nail eater, I have never seen my nails so long. They grow super fast.
    I am on my 2nd 3-month cure.

  12. Delphine CARMEL (verified owner) -

    Hello, I have finished my three month resolution # 1 cure. I am satisfied with this product. I notice an increase in my hair density as well as an increase in the length of my hair. Several people questioned me about their brilliance. So I leave for three more months of treatment. Thank you Madam President!

  13. kelhya -

    I would like to speed up hair growth. I don't have a particular fall. Can I take a 6-month treatment straight away?

    • Madame President -


      You can opt for the Hate Boost cure with your eyes closed 😉

  14. Rachida ESSALHI -

    I just finished my three month cure. I was surprised at how quickly my hair grew. Over 3cm from the first month and thick / hard nails like I've never had. I am conquered ...

  15. Regine -

    I finished my 3 month cure. How to say wahhh 🤩🤩🤩 my hair has gained volume and grows nothing to say I am satisfied. I have results !!! I ironed an order for 6 months with the tea. Ps: I have afro hair

  16. Laury margotonne (verified owner) -

    At first I thought I would see the results only on the others! At the end of my 3 months of treatment, the shock they really took in length and volume! Completely satisfied.

  17. Ericka CROFILS (verified owner) -

    I will soon finish my 3 month cure. My hair is less brittle and has grown well.
    And I have never had my nails this long. They grow really fast.
    I am satisfied, I have already recommended another 3-month course with the addition of tea.

  18. Pascale Cappaï -

    UNBELIEVABLE !! + 15 cm in 6 months! I can not believe it ! They are the best hair supplements.

  19. Marlene (verified owner) -

    So he is my favorite product!
    I performed 2 cures of 3 months.
    Before the 1 st treatment I cut my tips about 7 cm. At the end of the 3 months I gained a volume +++, thickness +++, a glowy skin +++, super mega long nails +++, and to finish 7.5 cm in 3 months .

    The results are visible from 10-15 on the skin and nails and 2-3 weeks on the hair.

    I highly recommend !

  20. Eita -


    I want to order but I would like to know if the supplements can promote a push of buttons? As may be the case with brewer's yeast or forcapil in some people

  21. Florence Berté (verified owner) -

    I started my 3 month cure in March and it ends next month. And frankly I am very satisfied with the result.
    And I'm going to start another cure ❤
    So I highly recommend it !!!!!

  22. mariemechain1 (verified owner) -

    Really I recommend! I have tried several brands of dietary supplements and the one that has had the most effect is this one! A cure of at least 3 months is the best and combined with daily care, a good hair routine as well as good food hygiene…. you will inevitably see your hair change! Mine were all dry dishes without volumes and really there is no picture! The change is here

    • Odile from Madame La Présidente -

      Hello Marie,
      Thank you for this superb return 😘!

      odile @ madamelapresidente

  23. Lysiane VILM -

    I am coming to the end of the 3 month cure Madam President Resolution n ° 1 in 5 days.
    A treatment that is quite expensive but that really worked for me.
    At first, I had an improvement in my nails, they grow much faster than before.
    Then I noticed an improvement in my skin, my skin texture seems more beautiful, smoother.
    Regarding my hair, I find that it is more voluminous and that it has grown.
    THANK YOU Madam President !!

    • Odile from Madame La Présidente -

      Hello Lysiane, thank you for this superb return! We are happy and proud to read this type of comment!
      See you soon,
      Odile @madamelapresidente

  24. Rebecca -

    Hello I have a question can we do it. Ure with thyroid treatment? Because I want to do the 3-month cure?

    • Odile from Madame La Présidente -

      Hello Rebecca, if you are taking medication, we advise you to seek medical advice 😉

  25. Rebecca -

    Hello I have a question can we do it. Ure with thyroid treatment?

    • Odile from Madame La Présidente -

      Hello Rebecca, if you are taking medication, we advise you to seek medical advice 😉

  26. Annick -

    Hello, the opinions posted are very convincing, I would like to order a cure or even more. But should we space out the treatments or can we chain them?

    • Odile from Madame La Présidente -

      Hello Annick,
      You can carry out a cure of 6 months without interruption. After 6 months, we recommend a break of 2 months before leaving for a new course.

      See you soon for a next cure ?

      Odile @madamelapresidente

  27. melissagalvani1 (verified owner) -

    I am delighted with the 3 month cure that I started in December. Today I am at the end of it, and my hair is much shinier and has grown more in 3 months than in a year. Thank you Madam President.

    • Odile from Madame La Présidente -

      Hello Melissa, thank you for this superb return! We are delighted and proud of your result!
      Do not hesitate to leave us an opinion on our site, on the products that you adored!

      See you soon for a new cure?

      Odile @madamelapresidente

  28. Aïcha Sylla -

    I would like to order I can not wait to test

    • Odile from Madame La Présidente -

      Hello Aïcha,
      Can't wait to hear from you on our treatments?

  29. Billy -

    Hello Madam President,

    I suffer from almost severe alopecia in three or even four areas of my head. Is there a suitable cure for you and if so, which one?
    thank you in advance for your return

    • Odile from Madame La Présidente -

      Hello Billy, we recommend that you try the Resolution N ° 1 cure, which is the richest in nutrients to slow down the fall and promote growth.
      Beautiful day,
      Odile @madamelapresidente

  30. Solange -

    Madam President, for me it will be more of a question: Is it possible to use this cure for men?

    • Madame President -

      Hello Solange,
      Yes of course! Resolution # 1 works great on our men! 😉
      Beautiful day,

  31. Jennifer -

    I finished my 3-month cure almost a week ago. My hair has grown really well and is really beautiful and strong! I will definitely recommend her for a new 3 month cure in the near future. Superb product!

  32. Annie Taillefond (verified owner) -

    Little question, I just ordered the resolution n ° 1 cure (pending my order) and I took a 3-month cure, because I have huge hair loss. Is this the right treatment that I chose to hope for a growth, knowing that my hair is frizzy and very very brittle

    • Madame President -

      Hello Annie,

      You have opted for the right cure if your hair is brittle.

      Resolution N ° 1 will deeply nourish your hair to make it supple, and help it grow 😉

  33. Rusty Solène -

    I did the three-month treatment, a while ago and I had short hair and I saw a real difference, hair growth is better, easier to disentangle, I have more mass than before!
    At the top frankly! I plan to do a cure very soon ❤️?

  34. priscilliagomesfernandes (verified owner) -

    can I do a 3-month cure for gummies and then switch to a 3-month cure for resolution n1?

    I am convinced that resolution n1 helps hair growth and reduces hair loss, however I do not know gummies, I would like to try, can you tell me what the difference will be on the hair?
    which of the 2 products do you consider most effective?
    thank you

    • Madame President -

      Hello Priscillia,

      Hair Boost focuses on growing and stopping hair loss.
      Resolution N ° 1 contains a more concentrated formula and treats the hair as a whole 😉

  35. Hanan (verified owner) -

    The cure was miraculous: hair loss stopped, incredible growth with mass! It feels good to have them back, Thank you Madam President 🙂

  36. Melissia -

    Hello, little question can we combine HairBoost and supplements?

    • Madame President -

      Hello, no it is not recommended to take the 2 cures at the same time!
      Is each of them formulated to provide the right amount of nutrients your hair needs?

  37. Annick (verified owner) -

    I tested this product
    I took the 3 month treatment
    I took the opportunity to make additions to let my hair rest for a month and when I removed it I was RAVIE to see that my hair had grown !!!!
    Too happy
    Thank you so I finish my treatment

  38. Kinder (verified owner) -

    Good evening,
    I received my cure today, is it better to take the cure in the morning or in the evening?
    Thank you

    • Madame President -

      You can take your tablet whenever you want! the main thing being to take it in the middle of a meal or a snack to get the vitamins in place.

      Beautiful day!

  39. Ines -

    Good evening I have a question is this food supplement there is brewer's yeast or something that makes you swell?
    Thank you

    • Madame President -

      Hello Ines,

      No yeast of beer!
      No component swells 😉

      Beautiful day,
      The team Madam President

  40. Lau -

    Hello, this is a question for me. I did a BiG SHOP a month ago now and I would like to know if the 3-month cure is possible.

    Thank you for your reply.

    • Madame President -

      Hello Laurane,

      A big shop is about making a new start. It is therefore the ideal time to nourish them in depth so that they grow back in full health 😉

  41. Maryam (verified owner) -

    Is it to take on an empty stomach?

    • Madame President -

      Hello Maryam,
      No, rather in the middle of a meal! 😉

  42. Ms. Becca -

    The product is miraculous frankly RAS. I highly recommend.
    Small question: women can use the range without worries ???

  43. Elodie (verified owner) -

    I am at the end of my 2nd month of my 3 month treatment. Believe it or not, after 1 month, I already had a very nice growth, lively and healthy hair. I add a very strict hair routine to my treatment. I am very satisfied. I recommend to 100%.

  44. Ingrid (verified owner) -

    After several hesitations, I decided to take the course in November 2018! After 3 months, my hair came out SUPERBEMENT BEAUTIFUL! Very soft to the touch, démélâge facilitate, the shoot is the appointment according to my relatives so I repeat the course of 3 months. I intend to space the cures of 2 months but in any case hat low for the work done!

  45. omiscar_johane -

    What to say except THANKS! I was gone for a month and I could not help it when I saw that my baby hair was regaining the hair of the animal! And my nails which were in a sorry state, grow and do not break especially!
    As for my hair, it revives, grows, is strengthened and no longer breaks. They come back so far that I will pamper them with 3 more months of treatment 😉

  46. Kaalisha (verified owner) -

    I am officially a Guyanese president, I can't wait to receive my products <3 😀

  47. keldiie (verified owner) -

    I only have one word WOaw
    I just finished my first box and I'm just starting the second
    Now I'm just waiting for the tea to come. My hair is much softer, it really breaks down very little. On top of all that they are brilliant. They have never been so well !!
    I valid !!

  48. mmobetie (verified owner) -

    So there I must say that I am BLLLLLuuuféee !! yet I have already tried several other brands of food supplements but this is just GÉ-NI-AL ..
    I am 1 month and a half away from treatment and my hair has grown and become denser, I can't even believe it !!! For the trouble I ordered the tea in addition and an additional month of complement!
    Thank you Thank you for making products that really work !!

  49. lachiriahlem (verified owner) -

    I just finished the first treatment (I took 3 months) and super happy my hair hardly falls out, good regrowth and my nails harder and very white.
    I continue the cure and I will even extended another 3 months.
    I tested several brands including products and treatments from center clauderer in Paris 1, no results.
    Finally a product that works!
    Thank you, thank you, Madam President

  50. Louis loved (verified owner) -

    Hello I have a little question to you asked can we take dietary supplements while breastfeeding?

    • Madame President -

      Hello Sandrine,

      We do not recommend taking food supplements during breastfeeding; p
      Take care of baby, we will take care of your hair afterwards!

  51. Pamela -

    Good evening delivered you to the Meeting please ??
    I will be very interesting to test them

    • Madame President -

      Yes we deliver the Reunionese Presidents 😉

  52. Baxinha -


    So this is not an opinion but I will have a small question. I have my daughter who is 4 years old, she has super fine hair and it is very difficult to grow, can I do this treatment for her (is it suitable for her age) and if so, put it in a drink? or yogurt will the efficiency be the same?

    • Madame President -

      We advise you to seek the advice of a doctor before giving the treatment to your child.
      To start with, you can massage her scalp with castor oil 😉
      Beautiful day,

  53. jordan -

    Madame President !!!! This is an amazing product, and I can definitely see the difference. We went to Paris for this amazing vacation product. Once again thumbs up to you guys !!!!

  54. strapping -

    Stacy 18 years Guadeloupe.
    I started a dietary supplement myself, Madam Chair. Initially I bought for a month. After ten days I saw an evolution in my nails.
    I have never had the nails as long. It's the first time in my life that they do not break and they grow properly. So I decided to buy two more boxes of dietary supplement.
    I have not finished my first box that I see also my baby hair push.
    Satisfied !! I'm waiting to see a change in my skin

    • Madame President -

      Thank you for your return Stacy! Good cure and see you soon for the final result! ?

  55. Sylvette -

    I have been using this product for 2 months now, what can I say except that it is MIRACULOUS! My hair is frizzy and fine and breaks easily… since I started Resolution # 1 my hair has not only grown but it is much less brittle than before, even stronger and thicker. I am completely satisfied with this product and highly recommend it! In addition, the delivery is super fast. I am a fan of this product!

    • Madame President -

      Merciiiiiiii, We adooooore your return!

  56. audrey -

    I've been using it for 2 months now and my hair has never looked so good! Very effective on growth as well. I recommend !

  57. Célia -

    I ordered my cure 3 months ago. First of all the delivery is super fast and that's great. no need to wait 10 days to receive your order!
    Regarding the cure: SUPER! I really feel like she kept all of her promises. My hair is in much better health, And in terms of growth ... GORGEOUS! I am officially addicted!

  58. Graziella (verified owner) -

    A very good natural food supplement. No digestion or other problems and the hair of the few weeks of use is visibly stronger, as regenerated. A great product!

  59. Lucia -

    nothing to add! PERFECT!

  60. cecile -

    cure started two months ago. my hair never looked so good!

  61. ludivine -

    Finished cure too for me! my hair is resplendent.
    finally a product that works! I had my slap in the face of products that sell dreams and do nothing.

  62. ella -

    the results are incredible. great product. I highly recommend!!

  63. amelle -

    Great product.
    I finished the treatment three months a few weeks ago, my hair is still beautiful since. a real pleasure to do your hair again!

  64. cindy -

    Madam Chair, you saved my hair!
    less brittle, do not fall almost, repel at great speed V! my nails are less brittle too.
    I finished my cure 3 months there. really amazed by the result !! suddenly, I take it for my daughter for my daughter and my neighbor for Christmas!
    Thank you!

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