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The gummies MAGIC HAIR are vitamin-rich teddy-bear candies, specially designed for children, from 4 years old.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, our gummies will help you strengthen, grow and keep your children's hair healthy.

Enriched with vitamin B8, B5 and C, Zinc and selenium, our exclusive formula is Vegan, Made in France and without artificial colors!

  • From 4 years old
  • Ideal for little toddlers
  • Taste Strawberry Candy
  • Practical and fun
  • Strengthens the immune system


Magical Hair is now called Little President! See you in our eshop to order this little treasure. 

        made in France




Vitamin candies for children from 4 years old! 

Do your children's hair grow slowly and break when disentangling?

Help them boost their growth with our Magic Hair vitamin gummies. A vitamin formula specially designed for toddlers, from 4 years old.

Our exclusive formula is Vegan, Made in France and without artificial colors!

A concentrate of benefits for the little ones! 

Magic Hair gummies allow you to:

  • Boost growth: vitamins B8 and B5 are necessary for good hair growth. Biotin (B8) also brings shine to the hair.
  • Restore health and beauty to hair: selenium promotes hair beauty and the maintenance of normal, healthy hair. Your toddler's hair will be longer, stronger and less brittle.
  • Reduce fatigue and boost the immune system: vitamin C and zinc help fight fatigue and boost energy. Vitamin C is also involved in the production of collagen, an essential element for healthy hair.


Total Weight for 1 pill box: 150g - 60 gummies

Results may vary from person to person. 



Vitamin bears MAGIC HAIR are suitable for children from 4 years old!

The vitamin candy Magic Hair is suitable for all types of hair of your children and more particularly for the hair:

  • straight, wavy, curly, curly, kinky
  • dull, tired, dry
  • brittle and fragile
  • difficult to disentangle
  • that grow slowly
  • having undergone attacks (straightening, ..)



Tips for using vitamin candies for toddlers

From 4 to 12 years old: 1 teddy bear per day, where and when you want!

From 12 years old: 2 cubs per day, where and when you want!


The gummies Hair Magic is to be taken as part of a varied and balanced diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

Do not exceed the recommended daily doses and adapt the dosage to the age of the child.

Keep out of the reach of children and in its packaging away from light, heat and moisture to maintain all benefits.

Magic Hair vitamin candies are not suitable for children under 4 years old.


Secrets of President of vitamin candy for children.

In order to get maximum results on your children's hair, we recommend that you take the gummies in cure of 3 to 6 months. It is possible to start the cure from 4 years old (only 1 bear cub per day).

For best results, consider massaging your children's scalp to improve blood circulation. This will help maximize the power of essentials nutriments present in Magic Hair in order to find fabulous hair.

To make styling your children's hair easier, discover our detangling brush Untangle Me.




Ingredient properties:

  • Vitamin C restores energy
  • Biotin (vitamin B8) accelerates hair growth
  • Vitamin B5 promotes hair growth
  • Zinc contributes to the growth of hair follicles
  • Selenium promotes the beauty of the hair and maintains normal hair

Nutritional values

nutritional information Magic hair Madam President

INCI list of MAGIC HAIR gummies

glucose syrup - sugar - gelling agent: pectin -
ascorbic acid (vitamin C) - cysteine - acidifying agent: acid
citric - zinc citrate - natural flavor - D-pantothenate
calcium (vitamin B5) - concentrated black carrot juice - citrate of
sodium - coating agent: carnauba wax, vegetable oils
(contains coconut and rapeseed oils) and antioxidant:
alpha-tocopherol - copper citrate - sodium selenite - biotin
(vitamin B8).

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  1. a.alexis92140 -

    my daughter was delighted to have her cure for 1 month and loved the taste! Her hair is stronger and less brittle when disentangling! I plan to continue the treatment for 2 more months. Thank you Madam President! Mother and daughter are delighted 🙂

    • Lorrine Brion -

      Thanks to you for this great comment 😍 Yes, candy, no child can resist it 😁

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