Hair Boost - 6 months - Value: € 126.90 incl.

Resolution N ° 2 - Hair Detox Tea - 100gr - Value: € 19.90 incl.

Pochon Madame La Présidente & #8211; Value: 8 € incl.

Or a value of € 154.80 incl. 

Do not hesitate any longer and give your hair a new start!



Your hair is half mast?


Give them a breath of fresh air! a radical change! 


This box contains:


Hair Boost - 6 months


This deep care offers you the opportunity to pamper your mane for 6 months. Moreover, it is a real concentrate of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients, for a mane more beautiful, stronger and longer!

Recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, under medical advice.
See the composition

But that's not all


Resolution N ° 2 - 100 g


This Detox Tea 25 days, purifies your hair and reduces hair loss considerably. Each element of its composition has wonderful effects on your hair.


To you Queen's hair! 


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So what more can you ask for?


Pouch & #8211; Madame President


And why not a fabulous large 100% cotton pouch "My little treasures of President" (value 8 €) which will be offered to you in this box? Because as a Woman we all need storage, so as not to lose everything in the back of the handbag!


Do not hesitate and please your hair to change!


Resolution # 2 contains peppermint not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.
It can however be used in the context of preparation such as oily macerate or hair spray

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