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How to get rid of oily hair? The 5 good tips to adopt!


Oily hair is a nightmare for many of us. But often, our first instinct is to want to dry the scalp to the maximum, thinking that the problem will be solved ... error!

To begin, some explanations. A oily scalpit's a scalp that produces too much sebum : so far, sebum is essential for our hair! It helps protect them and keep them healthy. Exit therefore stripping products ?

We explain to you the 5 good things to do:

1/ From the dou-ceur !

Know that the targeted products « greasy hair "That are found in supermarkets or even in some hairdressers are very often stuffed with chemicals and surfactants removers, which will have the opposite effect to that expected. In fact, if the scalp becomes dry, it will naturally defend itself, producing more sebum ...
The idea is to attack the scalp as little as possible, and switch to the most natural products possible. If it takes a while before your hair is completely weaned from the wrong products, they will say thank you! So we choose soft shampoos, formulated for oily hair or sensitive scalp.

Do not hesitate to go and discover our solid shampoos super soft, made to order according to your hair problem!


2/ Say no way to the shawlur !

The heat on the hair, whether it is a straightener or a hair dryer, causes harmful attacks on our mane. In addition, she dries it! If you can not do without your hair dryer, opt for the lowest temperature, and prefer drying upside down to minimize direct heat on the scalp. And it is also valid for hot water! We prefer to rinse her hair with warm or cold water, so that the scales are well tightened.

3/ Powder care 

Powders such as shikakai, rhassoul, reetha ... are a great way to purify the scalp gently. The good news is that it is not necessary to shampoo behind, they already have cleansing properties! Leave for 15-20 minutes to feel all the benefits. It is not necessary to apply on your lengths.

4/ Essential oils 

They are very effective to overcome the overproduction of sebum. You can mix them with other vegetable oils to leave in intensive care, or add a few drops in your shampoo. Essential oils of tea tree, clary sage, bay of saint-thomas or true lavender are recognized for their effectiveness on oily scalps. CAUTION: HE should be used with care! It should not be applied to the eyes, nose or mouth. Respect the prescribed quantities and never use them if you are pregnant. When in doubt, we advise you to contact a doctor.

Finally, it is important to remember that the lifestyle is essential on the external appearance of the skin, hair and nails. It is granted to you, it is a little rabat-joy said like that, but it is here that we must start! ? So we make sure to drink plenty of water, eat healthy and avoid foods too rich in saturated fat, refined sugar. If needed, dietary supplements can give a welcome boost!


Relax Ladies! oily hair is not inevitable ?

9 thoughts on "Comment venir à bout des cheveux gras? Les 5 bonnes astuces à adopter!"

  1. MGNT CLEMENCE says:

    Hello, I am heading to you to know what are the best natural and organic food supplements to adopt for our hair. Have a nice day☺️

    1. Lorrine Brion says:

      Hello ! Madam President's Hair Boost gummies target growth and stop hair loss chute You can also turn to Resolution N ° 1, whose more global action, in addition to stimulating growth and limiting hair loss, gives strength and vitality to the hair which is nourished in depth! These supplements are natural, they are concentrates of nutrients.
      You can also complete your cure with organic tea Resolution N ° 2, which will strengthen its effects and cleanse your scalp! 😊

  2. fideliarnaud says:

    Hello. Since adolescence I have had oily hair I wash it every other day… I have to because it is fine so as soon as it is oily you can see my skull and I have the impression of having even less hair … It's demoralizing… How to space the shampoos so that they are less greasy and that I do not lose them anymore… When I was pregnant they had taken the density of the ball it was good… But it starts again as before… I'm going to try the green clay masks to see… I also wonder if I shouldn't stop doing two shampoos for each wash… The hairdresser told me that it would make them more beautiful. thank you

    1. Madame La Présidente says:

      It is indeed important to space out your shampoos.
      Try clay masks, and don't hesitate to put a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil in your preparation!
      It would also be interesting to take a dietary supplement to nourish your hair in depth and thus strengthen it and stop hair loss!
      Finally, do not hesitate to use Resolution N ° 2 tea to cleanse your scalp and strengthen your hair fiber 😉

  3. Hello,
    Thank you for this article.
    I also tend to have hairy leather that greases quickly and even if I have switched to natural shampoos for 3 years and solid for 1 year so far, I have not yet found the rare pearl that will allow me to space my shampoos every other day. The current confinement means that I leave them alone and I therefore tie them up to space the washings a lot, but hey, that doesn't change much. Even the famous sebum cure does not seem to change anything (I may not have done it long enough)
    I will try the mask with green clay hoping to have light and supple hair afterwards (and not with a particular texture as some solid shampoos leave) 🙂
    I believe they fingers 😉
    Beautiful day

    1. Madame La Présidente says:

      Hello Corinne,
      Keep me posted if the clay mask answers your problem!
      I'm crossing my fingers for you ?

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