The importance of nutrition for beautiful hair.


This week, let’s stay in the theme of well-being and talk about nutrition. It is of course important to take care of our health, but it also has visible effects on our hair and our body. We all know that eating a balanced diet is important for our health, but we still don’t know the […]

Challenge your guy to push during the world cup

coupe du monde cheveux

Does your man watch soccer? He takes care of his beard, his hair and thinks of you? Lucky you! What? Are you as passionate about soccer as he is? Well, you’ve got yourself a good one! Because in the middle of Mondial our men only think about‘to one thing: the game of the teams they […]

Discover Resolution #7 My No-Rinse Skin Care – Leave- In

soin sans rinçage

Resolution #7 My No-Rinse Skin Care – Leave- In is now available! A new product in the Madame la Présidente hair care line, our Leave-in was launched last Monday and is priced at 9.99€. Yes, you read that right: less than 10 euros to perfect your hair routine. I was so excited about the product […]

5 hair commandments I wish I had known before

commandants du cheveu

How can I make my hair healthy? This is one of the most asked questions on social networks and the internet. We all ask ourselves this question very often! In this moment of reflection, often comes the “Raaah! I really wish I had this advice before”, the “if I had known this before, my hair […]

Can we talk about porosity for two minutes?

It’s nice to know your hair type and thickness, but as soon as you push the question a little, it immediately becomes super blurry. Determining whether you have thick or thin hair is pretty easy. Smooth, wavy, curly, frizzy, there also goes tutto bene, although! But then, why bring up the subject? Simple question, simple […]

The different benefits of turmeric

Les bienfaits du curcuma

The different benefits of turmeric Your kitchen hides treasures for our body as well as for our mind. Not to mention that these spices are excellent in our dishes! So there is no need to go very far to concoct recipes for our appetite but also our skin, our hair and even our digestive system. […]

Wash your hair well

Mon shampoing fortifiant et anti-chute Résolution n°5

How to wash your hair and choose your shampoo? If you don’t know how to choose the right shampoo for your hair type, read on. Choosing the right shampoo is like anything else: a little knowledge, some trial and error and you’re done! Why use a shampoo in your hair routine? The shampoo is a […]

The anti-hair loss range Madame la Présidente is expanding

Shampoing Résolution n°5 gamme anti-chute Madame la Présidente

You asked us for them so much that we couldn’t turn a deaf ear! Today, because Madame President is growing with you, we have decided to expand the anti-hair lossrange. We are therefore pleased to present the new products Madam President: A shampoo and a mask that will help you to fight against hair loss, […]

Biotin for hair

Quest ce que la biotine pour les cheveux

What is the use of biotin in your hair routine? The biotin has become the darling of many women, and men for that matter, to have very healthy, perfectly thick hair that grows very well. If this hair rejuvenation cure is at the center of all the interest, it is simply because it is made […]

Difference between nourishing and moisturizing hair?

Nourrir ou hydrater ses cheveux quelle est la différence Madame la présidente

What is the difference between moisturizing and nourishing your hair? Did you know that our hair, just like our body, needs to be moisturized and deeply nourished to be healthy? Strong, shiny hair that grows well depends on a good hair routine. But the question many people ask, what is the difference between nourishing and […]