3 ways to stretch your hair without heat

Etirer ses cheveux crepus sans chaleur

Textured, naturally frizzy or curly hair tends to shrink when styling products are applied. It is said to shrink (shrinkage is a sign of good hair health, Presidents!). However, there are techniques for stretching hair without using heat that are not aggressive to the hair. So how do you stretch your hair without heat? The […]

Hairstyle ideas for the holidays

Idées coiffures pour fêtes de fin d'année

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and you’re wondering: What kind of hairstyle will I be able to do? Between the outfit, the makeup, the shoes and the hairstyle We don’t know where to put our heads, because the mood is: to be on our 31st! Today, Madam President removes a a thorn in your […]

7 techniques to curl your hair without heat:

boucles sans chaleur

Last week, we went over how many times a week you should wash your hair. wash your hair . Today, the team offers you the next step of your hair routine : the hairstyle r with style! 💁♀️ Well yes, here we give you tutorials, sure, but stylish ones!!! Have you ever dreamed of making […]

7 must-try hairstyles for this summer

Les 8 coiffures pour cet été à tester absolument

Summer is finally here😎; the season of festivals🎵, parties🪩, happy hours with colleagues🍸 or simply vacances⛱️ … The best time of the year when you don’t necessarily want to do your hair and at the same time you want to be the most original! If you’re looking for an original hairstyle to try out this […]

Build a good hair routine


How to build your hair routine? Building a hair routine is like embarking on this system of finding the right routine for the face, the routine that works every day. It’s a process that is built up over time and will not happen in the blink of an eye. Once you have found the routine […]

Biotin for hair

Quest ce que la biotine pour les cheveux

What is the use of biotin in your hair routine? The biotin has become the darling of many women, and men for that matter, to have very healthy, perfectly thick hair that grows very well. If this hair rejuvenation cure is at the center of all the interest, it is simply because it is made […]

Protecting your hair at night

Protéger ses cheveux la nuit

How to protect your hair at night? Even though you’re tired, exhausted and worn out after a hard day, you shouldn’t forget to take care of your hair before bed. You don’t need to spend hours styling your hair in front of the mirror to take care of it. All you need to do is […]

The trendy hairstyles for summer 2019

Summer has finally arrived! Here’s to the most beautiful hairstyles on the beach! And this year we dare to give our hair a parade like in Cannes! Rock your hair! We have found for you the trendy styles to adopt this summer! Follow us !     Before you start anything, Prepare your hair before […]

Ideal cuts for curly hair

Our dear curly hair! So beautiful, and so complicated when it comes to choosing which hairstyle to adopt! Don’t worry! We’re here to give you some tips so you don’t end up like this after the haircut ⬇️   To start ! Don’t forget to detangle your curls in the shower! If you do it […]

The 5 trendy short haircuts for summer

Summer is approaching and so is the heat… Long hair is beautiful, but damn, it’s so hot! It’s time to give ourselves a new head by shortening our mane! The good news is that short hair is THE trend of the season, no matter what your hair type? We decipher for you 5 short cuts […]