The benefits of corn starch

In our series of DIY by Madame President In this week’s series, we share with you the secrets of this white, silky and natural powder to keep your skin and hair beautiful. Do you know what stepmothers, witches and other Disney stepmothers have in common? No, really… ? You give your tongue to the cat? […]

The benefits of the avocado: makes the buzz with the DIY of Carbi B


If one day someone had said to you: between Jamy and Cardi B, there is only one step…you would have answered: Hum really? This is our strength at Madam President . In one week, we take the science truck to Venice beach! Don’t you understand anything? Take a moment and rediscover our article from last […]

The different benefits of turmeric

Les bienfaits du curcuma

The different benefits of turmeric Your kitchen hides treasures for our body as well as for our mind. Not to mention that these spices are excellent in our dishes! So there is no need to go very far to concoct recipes for our appetite but also our skin, our hair and even our digestive system. […]

The benefits of rosemary for the hair

Les bienfaits du romarin pour les cheveux

The benefits of rosemary for the hair You probably know rosemary as the plant used in cooking to perfume and bring sunshine to your dishes. And you know what, rosemary is not only popular in the kitchen! Coming from the Lamiaceae family, rosemary has virtues for your health as well as your hair. If you’re […]

The benefits of cinnamon for the hair

Bienfaits de la cannelle sur les cheveux

The benefits of Cinnamon for the hair Cinnamon is famous for its spicy, sweet and woody flavor and aroma. In addition to that, it is also part of the ingredients put forward to optimize hair growth. Science tells us that cinnamon can reduce hair loss and even prevent baldness. Adding cinnamon to your hair care […]

Dull hair in autumn: how to care for it?

Dull hair? Thank you, next ? In autumn with the change of light and the fall of temperatures, the hair loses its shine and therefore appears dull ? We have selected for you 4 magical tips to restore your hair’s shine. First, let’s start with a little definition of dull hair! What is dull hair? […]

How to give volume to your hair?

Ah the straight hair! They’re absolutely brilliant when it comes to having a Jane Birkin style haircut, but unfortunately, we often find them flat, without shape or volume, and we despair of having a lioness hair… Don’t panic! We have a few tips to give you to give your lengths a boost and a maximum […]

4 tips for quick hair care

In the hustle and bustle of our routine, we forget to take care of our hair the way it should be. However, there are some basic things you can do on a daily basis that will save the life of your mane! We tell you everything!     Number one: Under the shower! The shower […]

5 tips to get rid of greasy hair!

  Greasy hair is a pain in the ass for many of us. But often, our first reflex is to want to dry out the scalp as much as possible, thinking that the problem will be solved… mistake! To begin with, a few explanations. An oily scalp is a scalp that produces too much sebum: […]

The benefits of shea butter

The benefits of shea butter Shea butter is one of the products most used by African women and today it is very popular with women, children and men alike. From Mali to Burkina Faso, countless ethnic groups consider shea butter to be the most precious of ointments. It is mainly used to fight against dehydration. […]