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Can we talk about porosity for two minutes?

It’s nice to know your hair type and thickness, but as soon as you push the question a little, it immediately becomes super blurry.
Determining whether you have thick or thin hair is pretty easy. Smooth, wavy, curly, frizzy, there also goes tutto bene, although!
But then, why bring up the subject? Simple question, simple answer: to avoid you to make a Britney 2007 and to switch on a Rapunzel hair. Porosity is mega important because it can determine the success of your routine and your care.

Today, girls, we tell you all about the porosity of your hair. Come on, sit back, put your phone on airplane mode and let us carry you. Let’s go !

A little reminder

Ah you didn’t expect that one 😉

Porosity is the hair’s ability to absorb the moisture that is brought to it.

“Hey Jamy, don’t you have any more information?” Ah, we miss Jamy. So we called France TV and took his number. We couldn’t reach him but this is the message he left us.

“You should know that our hair fiber is surrounded by more or less openscales, which absorb the nutrients we give our hair. These scales play an important role because depending on how open it is, you have to adapt your routine to your moisturizing.” Thanks Jamy!

Other information, if you know your porosityyou make it easy for yourself to take care of your hair, no matter what the problem: dry, damaged, brittle hair… It’s like everything else, having a better knowledge of the subject will allow you to gain in efficiency. Bye bye bad manipulations.

Low, medium or high porosity? Determine your team!

Low porosity team: your scales are too closed. Moisture has difficulty entering and leaving your hair fiber. How can you tell? The time you spend drying your hair: the longer you spend drying your hair, the lower your porosity.

Team medium porosity: lucky one! It’s hard to beat that, you’re one of those people with so-called normal hair. “Ah thank you I have normal hair”…Yes but here is having normal hair, it means everything and nothing. Basically, you have enough moisture to nourish your hair. And as good news never comes alone, hydration is difficult to escape. So you don’t spend a lot of time drying your hair.

Team high porosity: Your scales are very open, be careful! Moisture penetrates easily but comes out just as easily. Double orange or dark orange vigilance if you are a fan of relaxer, bleaching or any other treatment that can affect the nature of your hair #pasmoncasmaismonamieoui

Tips to help you determine your hair porosity

The team offers you a trick, a tip as you want, which has proven itself and which adapts to all hair types.

The glass of water test

“What?! Just one glass of water to know my porosity?” Yes, all you need is a glass and a little water. In addition, it is certainly the most accurate. It’s as clear as day, isn’t it?

  1. Take a few tiny strands of hair (a clump of 4 to 5 hairs will do) from different parts of your head. Be gentle with yourself, we’ll stay delicate.
  2. Clean your little strands well, the hair must be very clean
  3. Place the wicks in a glass of water and wait 5 minutes.

In those 5 minutes, a few loose ideas, like this:

  1. After 5 minutes, the result:If your hair stays on the surface of the water, it means you have low porosity.If your hair gets stuck in the middle of the glass, you have normal porosity
    If your hair runs, you have a high porosity

Shall we move on? You’ll see, this is the best part!

Care products adapted to my porosity

Low porosity: your ally, heat! Your scales are very tight, so the care products you apply do not penetrate your hair easily. Heat plays a triple role: it absorbs moisture, the active ingredients of your products and saddles the hydration.

Pamper your hair and warm it up: Moisturize and nourish your hair by applying theMadame President mask and wrap it with cellophane. Okay, you’re not going to look like much for a few moments, but it’s effective! You can also use a heating cap, or use a great microfiber towel, it’s all soft and pretty.

Shall we continue? You can heat your treatments in a bain-marie, such asan oil bath! Why? Because your treatments will take advantage of the heat to better penetrate your hair. Concerning the texture to be heated, prefer light textures, milks or products with aloe Vera or proteins. Take it a step further by making a scrub to detoxify your scalp.

Do not use a hair dryer! This is the wrong idea. Propose this solution to your worst enemy and see what happens 😉

Medium or normal porosity: you’re formi formidableeeee! Again, your scales absorb moisture perfectly and your hair is easy to maintain. So don’t change anything, nothing, nada, niet.

Strong porosity: your ally, cold water! Why cold water and not tempered water? Because it’s cold, water allows your scales to reform to retain the moisture you provide. Recommends rinsing with cold water alone or with a few drops of vinegar/lemon. Wash your hair with a shampoo, rinse and apply your care. Extend this #icecold moment, with “thicker” beauty products, like a cream, for better penetration and moisture retention of your hair.
There you go, it’s that simple!

Now it’s your turn to rush into your kitchen to take the test and share your result with us in the comments! On our side, we hope to have made the subject of porosity a little more glamorous, especially because knowing your porosity will be very beneficial to you.
You’ll be able to better adapt your beauty routine by finding out which team you’re on (weak/medium/strong), especially if you’re looking for SOS solutions to stop your hair loss . By the way,
click here
for even more tips.

Until then, we’ll see you next week for a new blog post. If you’d like us to call another TV star, share it in the comments #skyisthelimit!

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