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Build a good hair routine

Comment construire une routine capillaire

How to build your hair routine?

Building a hair routine is like embarking on this system of finding the right routine for the face, the routine that works every day. It’s a process that is built up over time and will not happen in the blink of an eye.

Once you have found the routine that works and when I say routine, I mean both the products and the techniques that go with them, you will have won everything!

Les différents facteurs pour construire sa routine capillaire

The different factors to build your hair routine

As we said in the introduction, building your hair routine is a journey that won’t happen with a snap of the fingers.

The first step in building a solid routine is to analyze various factors such as:

  • Your hair type (straight, wavy, curly, frizzy…)
  • Hair length (shaved, short, medium-length, long)
  • The problems you encounter (brittle hair, sensitive scalp, itching, dry scalp, damaged hair, dry hair, colored hair …)
  • The density of your hair, its elasticity and its porosity are factors to take into account to know which products to use and how it will react to the products
  • Your environment (you live in a dry, humid, hot, cold country …)
  • Your activities (do you play sports? If so, how many times a week?)

The routine of someone with relaxed hair will not be the same as someone with natural hair or someone with colored hair. And just like a person with straight hair, the hair routine will not be the same as a person with frizzy hair.

Once you’ve analyzed these different factors, you can start looking at the different steps of a good hair routine.


The different steps of a good hair routine

A good hair routine consists of 4 key steps to ensure that your hair will be in great shape and healthy.

  • Step 1 : The shampoo

As we have already mentioned in our article on “
How to wash your hair properly
” shampooing allows you to clean your scalp and your lengths in order to remove the“build up” or the accumulation of products on your hair but also the accumulation of sebum. This is a key step that should not be neglected in order to get fresh, healthy hair that is less weighed down by the vagaries of the environment.

But be careful, washing your hair every day is not recommended because it can dry your hair, remove the sebum that flows on your hair fiber and nourishes it.

Choose shampoos without sulfates, parabens, silicones… and that will answer your hair problems. Whether you have dry hair or dandruff, there is a shampoo for every problem.

At Madame la Présidente, find our
Strengthening and anti-hair loss shampoo – Resolution N°5
. It is enriched with our Capillum Fortis complex composed of cinnamon, ginko biloba and kigelia. It is a Made in France formulation composed of 95% of ingredients of natural origin.

  • Step 2: Packing it

The conditioner, also called detangler, allows you to detangle your hair in order to remove the knots accumulated in your hair but also the hair that you normally lose every day (we lose on average one
of hair per day).

  • Step 3 : The mask

Whatever your hair type or problem, this step is crucial and should not be neglected. The purpose of applying a mask in your hair routine is to nourish, moisturize and act in depth on your hair fiber to repair, bring nutrients and hydration to the hair.

Just like shampoo, you will be able to find masks for all the problems you may encounter. Depending on the mask you choose, it can be used during all your routines or once a month as is the case with protein masks.

  • Step 4 : Leave-in / Hair milk / Styling cream

Themoisturizing step is key to not only making it easier to maintain your hair, but also determining how it will react throughout the days until your next #washday. The more your hair is well moisturized, the less it will be prone to knots and have a protective barrier to resist environmental hazards.


Here are the 4 key steps to your hair routine. From these, you can add other steps such as the prepoo for example. It’s up to you to see what your hair really needs and how much time you have to give it.

Les différentes étapes d'une bonne routine capillaire

The different tools for your hair routine

Having hands to take care of your hair is good, but having tools to help you maintain your hair is better! Here is our list of must-have accessories for your bathroom:

  • The
    satin scrunchie
    to avoid knots and frizz
  • Thesatin pillow to protect your hair from friction at night
  • The massage brush that allows you to massage your hair while shampooing and/or masking/ It also activates the blood circulation
  • The
    detangling brush
  • The
    will refresh your hair during the week and re-humidify your hair when styling.


A few tips for perfecting your hair routine

Because we always need more tips on how to have a perfect hair routine, here are our tips to keep in mind:

  • Trim your tips as soon as they need it.

We know how hard it is to bring yourself to cut your hair even if it’s only 5mm. But we assure you, for healthy hair, there’s nothing like healthy tips!

  • Choose lukewarm or cold water over hot water

In some cases, it is necessary to use hot water in order to open the cuticles and allow the products we are going to apply to penetrate our hair fiber. It is important not to confuse warm and hot water. The hot water will burn your hair fiber and cause damage as if you had used heaters.

  • Limit the use of heating devices

Whether it’s for straightening or even for drying curly hair, we recommend limiting the use of heat on your hair as much as possible. If this is impossible for you, then don’t forget to incorporate a heat-protective treatment into your hair routine.

  • Nourish your scalp

The scalp has an important impact on how your hair grows and how it looks. Don’t forget to use a serum or an oil that you will apply on your scalp. Perform massages that will activate the blood circulation.

Les différents outils pour sa routine capillaire

A healthy scalp means beautiful, long and strong hair!

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