Prendre soins de ses cheveux pendant et après sa grossesse

Rien de plus beau que l’annonce d’un heureux événement ! (Enfin, à part l’annonce d’un départ en voyage autour du

Les 8 indispensables beauté de l’été

C’est le mois d’août et qui dit mois d’été dit farniente ! Mais farniente tout en beauté ! Madame la Présidente

Trouver des soins adaptés à la porosité de ses cheveux

Hydrater et nourrir nos cheveux en fonction de leurs besoins : le B.A BA! Mais saviez-vous que la porosité de

Les coiffures tendances de l’été 2019

L’été a enfin pointé le bout de son nez ! A nous les plus belles coiffures sur la plage! Et

Comment protéger ses cheveux de la pollution

Difficile d’échapper à la pollution… fumée, gaz d’échappement, poussières et j’en passe ! On connait ses nombreux effets négatifs sur la

Beauté Canapé : l’événement Cocooning 100% féminin – 3ème édition

Envie d’un moment détente rien que pour vous ? Vous rêvez d’être chouchoutée de la tête au pieds par des professionnels

White clay, powder with many virtues

  The dream for all women is to find a cosmetic product with a thousand and one facets, that we can

Have a dream skin before summer

Ahhh the sun, the heat, the tanned skin and the long days by the pool! Summer is coming slowly

Ideal and effective cuts for curly hair

Our dear curly hair! So beautiful, and so complicated when it comes to choosing the cut to adopt! Do not worry!

Boost your hair!

  Whether it is smooth or curly, you too dream of soft, shiny, healthy and thick hair? Rest assured !

Why do we lose our hair in autumn?

  Fall is now well established and your hair is falling at the same rate as the leaves of the trees? Sure

4 tips to maintain your hair quickly

In the hubbub of our routine, we forget to take care of our hair as it should. However, he

How to give volume to her hair?

  Oh, smooth hair! They are absolutely great when it comes to having a Jane Birkin cut,

How to get rid of oily hair? The 5 good tips to adopt!

  Oily hair is a nightmare for many of us. But often, our first instinct is to want to dry out

5 hairstyle ideas to shine during the holidays!

  Christmas is a great time to meet, offer, share. This is also the moment when one tries to be on

Shea butter: a care with multiple virtues

Shea butter has long been the only cosmetic product of African women. From Mali to Burkina Faso, countless

To color the hair naturally: Henna

  Long used for ephemeral tattooing during marriage or baptism ceremonies in the Maghreb countries

Resolution # 2: The Detox Tea for your hair is finally here!

After long months of waiting, Resolution N ° 2 is finally here! It took time - a lot of time -

How to prepare your hair before summer!

    We are officially in summer! 🌞 And who says been told: sun, beach, sand, heat and ... dry hair

All about homemade shampoos

  Ready-made shampoos, there are thousands, at all prices, of all brands and

The 5 short haircuts trends for the summer

  Summer is coming, heat too ... Long hair is beautiful, but damn, it's so hot! Time is

Beauty Sofa: a 100% feminine event dedicated to well-being

You have a thousand things to do but none of them concern your well-being? You remember, with nostalgia, this

The oil baths: késaco?

  In recent years, oil baths are essential in hair care. If this term seems a little

The right hair routine to adopt in the spring

  After facing the cold and the gray, your hair is dull, raplaplas and weakened? Do not panic, here is

What hair routine for my nappy hair?

[: en] To have beautiful hair, you must first get to know them. We all know it, the hair

Take care of your hair during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the hair changes. Most of us are lucky to have denser hair, less fat,

Repairing dry hair

  Dull, brittle, fragile or forked reeds, no doubt your hair is weakened. Do not panic ! If you

Stop electric hair!

When winter is coming up and bonnets come out of our cupboards, there are not many of them

How to choose your shampoo

Shampoo is an art! Basic hair care is a crucial step in our quest

5 tips for all loops

  As beautiful as it is difficult to tame, your mane gives you a hard time to the point that you

5 tips to fight the cold

  Take off the caps, scarves and coats, the cold is there! When temperatures continue to plummet,

Natural allies of beautiful hair

  If you read this article it's because you too dream of having a dream mane without appealing

Caring for your skin and hair after the holidays

  Just as your diet, your complexion and your hair did not survive the holidays? Damaged and dull, they have

Essential oils for your hair

  How to take care of your hair naturally thanks to essential oils. Hello presidents! Here are some tips

The Christmas list worthy of a President

  Christmas is fast approaching and as each year you start to have palpitations to start

DIY: Eliminate dandruff!

  Difficile de se débarrasser de ce petit problème capillaire qui touche près d’une personne sur deux ! Brushings trop

DIY: Green clay, fatal weapon against greasy hair!

Greasy hair is my, our, your worst nightmare ... Since your dear and tender adolescence, (it's usually this

DIY: Nourishing mask special dry skin

  You have dry skin and with winter, hot, cold, tiredness your complexion tends to

DIY: Exfoliating and nourishing mask (Special oily skin)

  You have the impression to have a dull complexion and not clear? Here is a miracle cure to make 2 times by

DIY: A bright complexion like the sun!

  You have tried the patches, the scrubs, the exfoliants but nothing helps ... the black spots persist, the pores