Les bienfaits de la roquette, meilleure amie de vos cheveux

On parle de plus en plus de la roquette et de ses effets bénéfiques pour les cheveux, et pour le

The benefits of vitamin C on the hair

Did you know that vitamin C is essential for the health of your hair? It is also for your body,

The benefits of vitamin E on hair, skin, nails and body

You might be wondering why vitamin E is said to be a beauty vitamin? Know that this is LA

7 DIY masks to take care of your hair

DIY care: we often hear about it, but it's difficult to sort out everything we are told

The benefits of vitamin B8 (or biotin) on the hair

Vitamin B8, also called biotin, is known to be THE vitamin for hair on fleek. But how does she act

Our new hair products to fight hair loss

Thing promised, thing due: Madam President is releasing two new hair products to fight against hair loss and promote

Powders to boost hair growth

You loved our article on choosing hair loss essential oils. You loved our article on

The benefits of vitamin B9 on the hair

Did you know ? Vitamin B9, folate and folic acid are one and the same vitamin! You thought

Vegetable oils to stimulate hair growth

You have asked us a lot, and more since our article on the choice of essential oils for hair loss ... And we

The benefits of zinc on hair

Zinc: does this word remind you of batteries and metallurgy? Yet it is mostly

Choose my anti-hair loss essential oils

The essential THE aromatherapy of a healthy and simple routine… But it is not always easy to navigate between their different properties!

The benefits of iron on hair

Iron: we often hear about it and it is present in most food supplements. But at

How to make your hair grow faster?

Growing our hair faster: we all dream of it, but how do we really do it? What are

The benefits of vitamin A on hair

Beautify your hair through nutrition? Everyone talks about it, but it is often difficult to get started ...

5 tips for spacing out shampoos

The basis for healthy hair? Limit the number of shampoos. We all know it, a wash

Enhance my curly, frizzy, frizzy hair

Enhancing curly, frizzy, frizzy hair on a daily basis: a pleasure… And a puzzle! One morning the texture of

Style my dry or damaged hair

Styling your dry or damaged hair is often an ordeal! And the holidays rarely do them any good!

4 easy hairstyle ideas for the holidays

The holidays are coming, and with them the opportunity to put you on your 31st! You are already looking

Wishlist for a feel good Christmas

Ho ho ho! Christmas is just around the corner, and so are the gifts! Like every year, we

Caring for children's hair

The children run, play, get excited… Their hair gets tangled and gets dirty, to our dismay! Their scalp

Adapt your care to the porosity of your hair

Porosity: Do you still hear about it but have no idea what it is?

Dry hair: nourish or hydrate?

Faced with dry hair, should it be nourished or moisturized? We all ask ourselves the question without ever finding an answer

Containment: 5 ways to take care of your hair

Yes, for the past few days, we have been confined again. No more raclettes with friends… Hello relaxation, time

4 easy hairstyle ideas for Halloween

Yes, we are confined again. But Madam President offers you an original Halloween… at home! Pictures,

⁠Shea whipped cream to repair hair

Autumn, wind, rain, cold, scarves… An ordeal for our hair and our skin which are very dry.

Cleanse and strengthen hair with detox tea

A detox tea that cleanses and strengthens your hair? Yes, it does exist. For a cocooning hair routine, Madame la

5 fall foods for healthy hair

Autumn is here, and brings with it the seasonal hair loss ... But if the sweet and colorful fruits of

What are the hair trends for this fall 2020?

It's back to school! After nine very hectic months, finding your way back to school or the office is almost a

What is baldness?

It is around the age of thirty that the drama takes place. Hair loss! And if the real

What foods to choose in summer to have beautiful hair?

Summer is the season par excellence to taste good fruits and vegetables. Full of vitamins and minerals, it is

4 reasons to take Resolution N ° 1

To launch Madame La Présidente in 2017, the founder decided to offer a novel food supplement on the

Make your own fragrance-free after-sun milk

  Why use after-sun milk? It soothes skin heated by the sun, repairs, hydrates, sublimates, and

The benefits of oats

  Oats have made a comeback for 5 years with healthy influencers for their many nutritional qualities. But

Nutricosmetics: being beautiful from the inside

At the crossroads of cosmetics and food supplements, today's beauty products interfere like delicacies, to

The benefits of Aloe Vera

Plant with many qualities, for internal or external use, with healing and hydrating properties. Let's discover the benefits of this

How to succeed in a Wash and Go?

The “Wash and Go” or “wash and go” is THE nappy hairstyle that we all dream of mastering as

How to stop hair loss?

Stopping hair loss is a concern that affects all women at different times in their lives. These

Stinging nettle, what are its benefits on the hair?

Stinging nettle: what are its benefits and how to use it? From an early age, we all ran away from nettles.

Do hair gummies speed up growth?

Hair gummies: what miracle ingredients do they contain? Gummies for hair are small fruity candies, containing vitamins,

Covid 19: 5 tips for taking care of your hair in confinement

Covid-19, c’est le moment d’avoir les cheveux au top ! Objectif : combattre le stress du confinement Il y a

The best vitamins for hair

Vitamins for hair? They love it! They will serve us to nourish them in depth and their

The benefits of vitamin B on hair

The benefits of vitamin B: beauty vitamin The benefits of vitamin B on hair are numerous

What hair colors to adopt in autumn?

Top 3 trendy hair colors to adopt this autumn In autumn, the colors of the leaves change. And if

Treating the itchy scalp

And if we finished with the itchy scalp? Itchy scalp: itchy and it's

Dull hair in autumn: how to treat them?

Dull hair? Thank you, next ? In autumn with the change of light and the fall of temperatures, the

How to treat hair loss?

Fall hair fall you know? Well, she's back! And our hair is falling

Having beautiful hair during pregnancy

       Having beautiful hair during pregnancy: We all dream about it! Nothing is more beautiful than

8 summer beauty essentials

It is the month of August and says summer months said idleness! But lazing in beauty! Madame President

Find care adapted to the porosity of your hair

Moisturize and nourish our hair according to their needs: BA BA! But did you know that the porosity of

Trendy hairstyles for summer 2019

Summer has finally arrived! We have the most beautiful hairstyles on the beach! And

How to protect your hair from pollution

Difficult to escape pollution ... smoke, exhaust, dust and so on! We know its many negative effects on the

Beauty Sofa: the Cocooning 100% women's event

Beauty Sofa: the Cocooning 100% feminine event Want a moment of relaxation just for you? You dream of being pampered with

White clay and its virtues

White clay, powder with many virtues The dream for all women is to find a cosmetic product with

Have perfect skin before summer

Aaaah the sun, the heat, the tanned skin and the long days by the pool! Summer is coming slowly

Ideal cuts for curly hair

Our dear curly hair! So beautiful, and so complicated when it comes to choosing the cut to adopt! Do not worry!

Boost your hair!

  Whether it is smooth or curly, you too dream of soft, shiny, healthy and thick hair? Rest assured !

Why do we lose our hair in autumn?

  Fall is now well established and your hair is falling at the same rate as the leaves of the trees? Sure

4 tips to maintain your hair quickly

In the hubbub of our routine, we forget to take care of our hair as it should. However, he

How to give volume to her hair?

  Oh, smooth hair! They are absolutely great when it comes to having a Jane Birkin cut,

How to get rid of oily hair? The 5 good tips to adopt!

  Oily hair is a nightmare for many of us. But often, our first instinct is to want to dry out

5 hairstyle ideas to shine during the holidays!

  Christmas is a great time to meet, offer, share. This is also the moment when one tries to be on

Shea butter: a care with multiple virtues

Shea butter has long been the only cosmetic product of African women. From Mali to Burkina Faso, countless

To color the hair naturally: Henna

  Long used for ephemeral tattooing during marriage or baptism ceremonies in the Maghreb countries

Cleanse and strengthen hair with detox tea

  Have you dreamed of a tea that could do your hair as well as your body? Madam

How to prepare your hair before summer!

    We are officially in summer! ? And who says been told: sun, beach, sand, heat and ... dry hair

All about homemade shampoos

  Ready-made shampoos, there are thousands, at all prices, of all brands and

The 5 short haircuts trends for the summer

  Summer is coming, heat too ... Long hair is beautiful, but damn, it's so hot! Time is

Natural beauty event 100% well-being

Beauté Canapé: a 100% feminine event dedicated to well-being You have a thousand things to do but none of them

The oil baths: késaco?

  In recent years, oil baths are essential in hair care. If this term seems a little

The right hair routine to adopt in the spring

  After facing the cold and the gray, your hair is dull, raplaplas and weakened? Do not panic, here is

What hair routine for my nappy hair?

[: en] To have beautiful hair, you must first get to know them. We all know it, the hair

Take care of your hair during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the hair changes. Most of us are lucky to have denser hair, less fat,

Repairing dry hair

  Dull, brittle, fragile or forked reeds, no doubt your hair is weakened. Do not panic ! If you

Stop electric hair!

When winter is coming up and bonnets come out of our cupboards, there are not many of them

How to choose your shampoo

Shampoo is an art! Basic hair care is a crucial step in our quest

5 tips for all loops

  As beautiful as it is difficult to tame, your mane gives you a hard time to the point that you

5 tips to fight the cold

  Take off the caps, scarves and coats, the cold is there! When temperatures continue to plummet,

Natural allies of beautiful hair

  If you read this article it's because you too dream of having a dream mane without appealing

Caring for your skin and hair after the holidays

  Just as your diet, your complexion and your hair did not survive the holidays? Damaged and dull, they have

Essential oils for your hair

  How to take care of your hair naturally thanks to essential oils. Hello presidents! Here are some tips

The Christmas list worthy of a President

  Christmas is fast approaching and as each year you start to have palpitations to start

DIY: Eliminate dandruff!

  It's hard to get rid of this little hair problem that affects nearly one in two people! Brushings too

DIY: Green clay, against oily hair!

Green clay, fatal weapon against oily hair! Greasy hair is my, our, your worst nightmare ... Since your

DIY: Nourishing mask special dry skin

  You have dry skin and with winter, hot, cold, tiredness your complexion tends to

DIY: The exfoliating and nourishing mask (special oily skin)

Fatigue gives you the gift of a dull complexion and blemish-prone skin? Our miracle cure: a mask

DIY: A bright complexion like the sun!

  You have tried the patches, the scrubs, the exfoliants but nothing helps ... the black spots persist, the pores