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How to choose your shampoo

Shampoo is an art! Basic care for the hair, it is a crucial step in our quest for the perfect hair, radiant of health. Because it is not always easy to find your way around the multitude of treatments on offer, Madam President helps you choose the right shampoo for your hair type.

To choose your shampoo, start by determining the nature of your hair

- If your hair has no particular problem and are naturally wrapped by sebum then they can be considered as normal.
- Your hair has a greasy tendency if at the end of the day the roots are very shiny and your hair is raplapla.
- However, if your roots are very bright while your tips and lengths are dry at the end of the day, your hair is mixed.
- If they are brittle, lack shine and are rough to the touch, your hair is dry.
- Finally, your hair is sensitive if they are dull and very difficult to unravel.

You can also to take into account certain types of problems in choosing your shampoo, like the dandruff. If you have them colored hair, also opt for a special shampoo to make your color last as long as possible! The same goes for smooth hair (Brazilian or Japanese smoothing for example) prefer a special shampoo sensitized hair

What care for normal hair?

Naturally protected by sebum, normal hair is very easy to maintain. To preserve their balance, use a mild shampoo which will protect your blow-dry from external aggressions.
Prefer a shampoo to theAlmondbalanced, which softens and purifies the hair. You can also select a shampoo with herbal extracts such as sage where the green tea which have toning virtues.
Do not hesitate to complete your treatment with a suitable conditioner.

What shampoo for oily and mixed hair?

If your hair lack of shine and lightness(especially at the level of your roots), it can be tempting to wash them every day. To avoid damaging them, avoid frequent washing and opt for a purifying shampoo which will allow you to space more and more washes! But do not forget to feed them because to keep your mane shiny and healthy, the lengths and the points must be pampered!

A mild shampoo concentrate in cleaning agents will be your ally for purify your hair ! The lemon, grape or green tea extracts are ultra toning, purifying and refreshing. Accompany your treatment with a conditioner that is suitable for oily hair, but do not apply it on your roots. Between washings, do not hesitate to use a dry shampoo to purify your roots. Let it sit for two minutes, then brush your hair to remove any residue and make it shine!

What care for curly or frizzy hair?

Your hair is dry by nature and needs to be pampered with very nourishing shampoos.
Use an extremely nourishing product based onoil (avocado, macadamia nut, argan) and of Shea Butter which maintain the hair fiber in depth.
If your hair has been smoothedtheir internal structure may have been affected and they will sooner or later be damaged!
To prevent this damage, start the care from your first smoothing and use a shampoo dedicated to sensitized hair.

What to do with dry and sensitized hair?

Dry hair can be by nature or become so because of aggression (pollution, coloring or exposure to the sun). Brittle and often dull, they need to be deeply fed. As for curly hair, you need a shampoo rich in nutrients that will allow your hair to find softness and shine.

Favor oil (coconut, avocado or macadamia nut) or Shea Butter, very moisturizing they go nourish your hair from the inside while sublimating it. To complete their action, bet on a conditioner fit and apply a nourishing mask, at least twice a week.

And for colored hair?

Aggravated by exposure to chemicals, colored hair lose their luster and dry out. It is therefore essential to feed them for allow the scales to close and help the hair fiber retain color.

Ideally, use a mild and nourishing shampoo, enriched with oil or acai berry, well known for its virtues protective and antioxidant. It will help your hair regain their original shine and protect their color. In addition, you can adopt repigmenting care. Applied in cure, they will restore all your brightness to your coloring but you can also replace them by shampoos containing henna (for brown hair) or chamomile (for blond hair).


To finish this article, here is a little trick to make your own natural shampoo! You can also add a few drops of essential oils according to your hair type or the care you want to get
All our tips on essential oils are to be found in this article

grate 100 gr of black soap then add these flakes in a saucepan (in a bain-marie) with an infusion
(with chamomile and lemon juice for blond hair, rosemary for brown hair, calendula and hibiscus for brown and red hair).
Also add 3 tablespoons of surfactant powder (SCI: Sodium cocoyl isethionate or SCS: sodium coco sulphate).
Remove the pan from the heat and add 15 drops of essential oils then let cool and pour the mixture into a bottle.


And to complete this care, do not forget Resolution N ° 1 ! Concentrated with vitamins, plants, minerals and nutrients essential to your hair, it feeds them from the inside to give them strength, density and vitality.


Ready to spin in the shower?

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