Madame La Présidente’s treatments are formulated to
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. They are composed of highly concentrated active ingredients for healthy hair! Our anti-hair loss products help reactivate hair growth and boost your hair routine.

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What causes hair loss?

hair lossx is a natural process because we lose about 50 to 100 hairs per day. However, an excessive loss and therefore abnormal can result fromoccasional, hereditary or reactionary factors. Hair loss can occur at any agevaries from one person to another and can have several origins.

  • Heredity or hormonal variations

In men, the
hair loss
the most common is androgenetic alopecia. The hair follicle is obstructed and causes a weakening of the hair fiber. Baldness comes with age and results in the appearance of thinner hair above the head in general. In women, it is hereditary or due to hormonal variations. Hair loss most often occurs during or after pregnancy and after menopause.

  • Emotional state, stress and fatigue

Yes, the sudden onset of hair loss can be related to your emotional state. It impacts your body at the cellular level and therefore alters the scalp. Stress can cause an inflammatory disease called alopecia (patchy hair loss in certain areas).

  • Dietary deficiencies

One of the most common causes of hair loss is vitamin deficiency and/or minerals. They affect the growth and increase the fragility of the hair. A diet with low nutritional density can create an imbalance in the hair follicle.

  • An unsuitable hair routine

Unsuitable hair care products, the use of heating appliances on a daily basis, and repeated rubbing damage the hair. These bad habits can lead to breakage and therefore be responsible for hair loss. Don’t worry, one solution is to add a
anti hair loss treatment
in your routine.

How to stop hair loss?

After identifying the cause, there are several solutions against hair loss such as the use of a anti hair loss treatment.

First of all, we advise you to avoid all external aggressions that your hair is constantly subjected to (brush, hair dryer) and protect it (sun, wind, etc.). Limiting too tight hairstyles that put tension on the frontal areas and cause traction alopecia. We recommend that you apply a anti hair loss treatment on the affected areas.

When you notice hair loss, changing your eating habits can help stop it. Replace products that are too sweet, too fatty or processed with a varied and balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. By adopting the right foods, you can reduce your deficiencies and fight against hair loss.

Another solution against alopecia is to take nutritional supplements and a routine of
hair loss product
. At Madame La Présidente, they are made up of natural active ingredients (vitamins, minerals, plants) that are essential to maintaining the health of the hair. These treatments help stop hair loss and stimulate growth while giving them a boost!

If your hair loss persists, we advise you to consult a dermatologist to treat your condition.

Products to fight against hair loss

To remedy against the loss hair loss, it is important to opt for a cure adapted to their theirs natures and their needs. The range of hair products Madame La Présidente is recognized for its effectiveness to strengthen the hair bulb and activate hair regrowth. You will find the

best anti hair loss product


Anti hair loss shampoo

Resolution N°5 is


anti hair loss shampoo

. It washes your hair and promotes the anchoring of the hair bulb. It is composed of cinnamon, gin


ko, biloba and
a mixture

exclusive to Madame President

which fortifies the hair. If you have hair straight à wavy, curly, curly to frizzy; use our shampoo to make your hair more resistant over time!

Anti fall serum

To slow down the fallour anti hair loss serum Resolution No. 3 is a must! This anti hair loss treatment promotes hair growth. It is composed of a concentrate of active ingredients and an exclusive complex Capillum Fortis complex that brings strength and density to your hair. Take advantage of this to give yourself a cranial massage that will stimulate the blood microcirculation of the scalp and relax you.

Anti fall mask

Resolution N°6 My Nutri-active mask is an
anti hair loss mask
which has a triple action it nourishesmoisturizes and strengthens your hair. Cith 97.6% of ingredients of natural origin, che nutri-active mask participates in the hair growth and fortification. They will be more so soft and easy to style too.