Madame La Présidente, a story that started with you in 2017.
A range of in & out products, made in France, to simplify your everyday life.

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Beauty In consists in taking care of oneself thanks to dietary supplementsgathering targeted vitamins and nutrients . Our formulas, highly concentrated in active ingredients, allow us to fight effectively against hair loss while providing health and vitality.

Our hair supplements are enriched with biotin, zinc, iron and other targeted vitamins, known for their effects anti-hair loss and stimulatingin order to act on the growth and the regrowth of your hair. Our teas also contain the necessary nutrients for a healthy maintaining strong hairand a healthy scalp. Our formulas have been designed and thought out to suit all hair typesOur formulas are designed to suit all hair types, whether straight, curly, frizzy, straightened, short, long or even in transition.

Beauty Out in a few words, it’s your routine beauty!

These are all external treatments such as creams, shampoos, masksthat you apply daily for your skin and hair. beautify your skin and hair. In order to respect the nature of your skin and hair, we have developed a range composed of minimum 94.5% natural ingredients!

In addition, inappropriate use of hair products can lead to temporary hair loss. It is therefore important to use suitable hair care products, composed of of anti-hair loss ingredientstargeted. That is why we have developed Capillum Fortisour complex anti-fallcomplex, which is included in our entire range of external care and anti-hair loss treatments. You can also find our complex in our shampoos and masks.

Who are we?

Madam President, this is a company that I created in 2017 with the goal of simplifying every woman’s hair routine because I couldn’t find anything on the market that fit me and my hair’s needs.

So I wanted to offer a natural brand that provides real help to have healthy, beautiful, resistant hair.

Our wish is to show society that we have the right to claim our naturalness. That it is possible to accept the nature of your hair: from straight to curly-curly. It is possible to accept it but above all to be proud of it.

Our hair is our pride, a part of our identity, our uniqueness!



By credit card with the secure payment system Stripe or by Paypal.


All our products are Made In France formulated by doctors of pharmacy.


Your packages are shipped anywhere in the world within 48 hours to 5 working days. Consult our rates.


If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]