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4 easy hairstyle ideas for the holidays

The holidays are coming, and with them the opportunity to put you on your 31st! Are you already looking for THE hairstyle that will highlight your outfit for those special evenings? We are too, and we share with you the ideas that we unearthed this year! No time to think about it: Madam President gives you the gift of 4 easy hairstyle ideas for the holidays!

party hairstyle idea

Revisiting the ponytail

Why not start this list of easy party hairstyle ideas from a classic to revisit: the ponytail? We all know how to do it ... There is no rains only to decorate it a little!


High ponytailAriana grande hairstyle high ponytail idea for parties 

First idea: the (very) high ponytail à la Ariana Grande! Easy to do, but we still offer some tips:

  • Rather than tie everything up all at once, divide your hair in half (the upper part on one side, the lower part on the other). Style and tie the bottom part first, then add it back to the top part. Detangled and styled in two stages, you will no longer have a problem to avoid bumps!
  • Also wrap an outer section of the ponytail around the elastic to hide it and thus give a more chic side to the hairstyle. Secure everything with a bobby pin to prevent it from falling out, and voila! You will find all these tips in this video of Alyssia!

For textured hair, we don't hesitate to use cream or oil and define the curls, for a guaranteed wow effect!


easy party hairstyle ideaBraided ponytail

Combine a ponytail with a braid? Nothing could be simpler: make an inverted African braid (passing the strands under the middle section, not over the top) on the top or the side of your head, with thin strands of hair. Then gather all your hair into a ponytail: voila!

Here again, the trick of the wick around the elastic is valid! This video of Lilith Moon will give you lots of tips for original braided ponytails!

The bun: for a chic style

Another must-have on this list of easy party hairstyles is the bun. Whether you prefer it high or low, styled or disheveled, tight or a little loose ... There is something for everyone, and tous hair types!


Madam President's bun tips:

  • Straight hair can be used with a bun to form the bun and give it volume!
  • For frizzy and curly hair, softness is essential: a loose bun will show off your pretty curls! You can even let hang one or two strands to frame your face, the result will be even more chic!
  • If you have frizzy hair, don't forget to dampen your hair before styling it: it will be much easier to work with. You will find in this video by TheCocodollzz different ideas of updos, to vary a little!

kinky hair hairstyle bun party

The crown

We couldn't offer you a list of easy hairstyle ideas for the holidays without mentioning the well-known crown: accessible to all hair types, it is a timeless hair!

Nothing complicated, it just requires a little dexterity! Two techniques:

  • two inverted glued braids, one on each side, following the outline of your head, as shown by MarionBlush in this video ;
  • or a single inverted glued braid, which will be all around your head, as Mymou shows in this tutorial.

For long hair, you can also make onee single braid and make it go around your head, LOdoesmakeup explains how to do this in this video !

crown braid kinky hair party hairstyle



Natural hair 

Between work, family and preparing for the holidays, we sometimes have very little time to do our hair… So rather than spending time looking for an easy hairstyle for the holidays, why not leave your hair natural? Kinky, curly, curly or smooth: they are beautiful no matter what! A quick detangling, a comb for a straight line, a few drops of oil to define the curls if necessary: and voila! 

You can also predict the blow, with a twist out or a Wash and Go for textured hair, or braiding your straight hair for pretty waves.

And because we know that in these festive periods the temptation is great to use the straightening or curling iron: don't forget to apply a moisturizer on your hair the next day so that they forgive you for this aggression!


Finally, do not hesitate to accessorize all this with a pretty barrette, sequins or a headband: let your imagination run free.

natural curly hair simple party hairstyle idea


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